NOTD – The Face Shop Nude nail paint (light beige)

Do you remember that I was talking about finding out my HG nude nail polish? I think it was in my last NOTD post. The Innisfree shade was too rosy for me but this one turned out to be too beige for me. I feel like a snob! Haha. Seriously, is a perfect nude nail paint too much to ask for?

I went to The Face Shop counter last week and tried to take advantage of the 50% off sale. With the amount of shopping I have done in Sales, i wonder if I would ever have bought so much without discounts. So basically the companies are taking advantage (lol!) So anyway. I was wearing nail polish and did not want to spoil it so bought this color, which looked newly launched since I have never seen it.

the face shop nail polish

NOTD – The Face Shop B

The Face Shop NOTD: #BR803

This is too light for me or simply my hands are a bit too dark for this shade. it is a beautiful nail paint but I think a bit more brown in this would really suit my hands. This was the third try on which I got my nail paint perfectly. I kept ruining it while placing some Nail Art stickers from Tony Moly. Finally I just went with the normal NOTD (phew!)

I am still as bad at painting my nails as I was when I started this seriously this January. I feel like I need to build up this skill if I want to do more NOTD posts. Doing simple posts is getting boring. I want to do more fancy stuff! haha.

What are you wearing on your nails today? What do you think about this nail paint? Do you think this nail polish suits me?

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