NOTD – Lace, Animal print nail stickers and Fuscia nails

It was my husband’s birthday in the first week of December and I did an EOTD post for my eye makeup that I wore that evening, but sadly I forgot to post about my NOTD which was equally exciting for me as I was wearing nail art stickers practically for the first time! So here is my lace, animal print Fuscia nails of the day!

how to use nails stickers

Nail stickers and Fuscia NOTD

Products used:

  • Nature Republic Color Waltz PK215
  • Dual print nail art stickers
  • Emery board
  • The Face Shop Face it Gel Touch Top coat
  • Innisfree Cuticle oil

I go these nail art stickers for 2500KRW from emart in Jukjeon a few days back and decided to wear them the night before my husband’s birthday so that they look clean and perfect the next day.

Here is how I did it:

Step 1: Clean the nails, buff and moisturize. Paint a couple of coats of the base nail paint (Nature Republic Color Waltz PK215). Wait for a few minutes to dry.

Step 2: Carefully pull out the nail sticker with a pair of tweezers or your nails and place one corner at the base of your nail. (Since my nails were really short and the stickers really long, I cut them in half as each half piece would fit my nail perfectly). Make sure to seal the sticker properly to the nail.

Step 3: Use emery board to separate out the extra part of the sticker from your nails.

Step 4: Use the cuticle clipper to clip off the sticker from around the nail area.

Step 5: Apply a top coat (The Face Shop Face it Gel Touch Top coat) to seal the nail sticker completely.

Step 6: Apply cuticle oil to nails and cuticles once your nail paint is dry to moisturize them!

The nail sticker manicures can last upto 10 days. I got bored of the look so took it off 4 days later even though it was in a perfect condition.

The nail sticker had a lace pattern at the base and zebra print on the top but after cutting it, I almost got both the prints separate while cutting them in half and hence used them on different nails. (Lace on ring finger, zebra print on index finger and vice-versa on the other hand).

I wish my nails were longer as this manicure would have looked good with long nails. Anyway. We went to a nearby Cafe for breakfast and ApgujeongRodeo for dinner. I wore a pink and cream horizontal stripe sweater with jeggings for breakfast and this NOTD matched perfectly with it!

Do you wear Nail stickers? What are you wearing on your nails today?

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