Glam Party nails for the New Year! (nail art ideas)

I am becoming one of those nails obsessed girl that I had promised to never become. Nails have become a part of my outfits now! And so for the New Year’s eve, I did my nails after planning what I was going to wear for dinner and the New Year’s day. I decided to wear a black sweater and a mint skater skirt with woolen black tights for New Year’s eve dinner and a white jumper with black anchor print with blue woolen jeggings for New year’s day. I love being comfortable so I knew I would be warm and comfortable in these clothes. Since I wanted a bit of party nails that would still go with both of my outfits, I did golden base with black lace and zebra print nail stickers.

etude house golden notd tutorial

Glam party nails – Nail Art Design Ideas

Things you need for this nail design:

  • Base coat
  • Base color – Golden or any other color of your choice
  • Orange Stick
  • Nail buffer
  • Top Coat
  • Tweezers and a pair of scissors

Step 1: Apply a base coat. (I didn’t). And then apply the golden color. Apply as many coats as are required to build the intensity. I did 3 coats.

Step 2: Wait for the nails to dry and then pick up the nail sticker with tweezers holding from the side meant for the tip of the nails. And then carefully place it at the base of the nails.

Step 3: Press gently with your fingers. And press on with the orange stick on the corners.

Step 4: Cut off the excess sticker with scissors or just start buffing the nails at the tips to cut off the sticker.

Step 5: Follow up with a top coat.

The products I used: Etude House Play #107, Nail Art sticker (random), The Face Shop face it Gel Touch nails Top Coat.

Note: I like how the nail sticker looks on my thumb and I think that if I had placed the sticker with lace and zebra print both on my nails, it would have looked better. So from now on (after learning from my mistake) I am going to be more careful with placing the design on the center of my nails and cut off the excess.

What are you wearing on your nails today? Do you like using nail art stickers?

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