NOTD – Going Back to Basics (It’s Skin Muted Pink)

I went to Gangnam station yesterday to check out the SALE at It’s Skin store. It was my first time trying out checking out this brand as the It’s Skin stores are not as well distributed around shopping centres (where I frequent) as The Nature Republic, Missha, The Face Shop etc.

I will be doing my shopping haul post tomorrow but I couldn’t wait to share my new Nails of the Day. The color that I was wearing before this (The Face Shop Gel Touch Nails in PK102) stayed well over 5 days but I kinda got bored of it and scrapped it off while coming back in subway from Gangnam.

photo of my Nails of the Day NOTD by It's Skin

NOTD – 1 Minute Innovation Stylure (PK105) by It’s Skin

I love this shade a lot – 1 Minute Innovation Nail Stylure  (PK105) from Its’ Skin. It is the kind of color I would have worn in my “Classic style” days since I never experimented much and stayed within my comfort zone. There’s a bubble on my ring finger (couldn’t wait to spray Quick Dryer) and now it is bothering me; I am lazy enough to leave it as is though.

I love my reds, pastels, blues and oranges now but this just makes me feel super chic and girly. This color matches my night clothes (tonight) perfectly. I also think that this shade makes my tanned skin looks tad bit brighter! What do you think of think of this shade?

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