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Hi everyone, I am back today with a new NOTD post. I was facing a lot of problems growing my nails and the upper layer of my nails was peeling off so I had decided to take a break from painting my nails. So I thought maybe nail paint can save the upper layer from peeling off. I am also diligent in putting on gloves before doing the dishes, mopping the floors and washing the bathroom (no domestic help, so I do it myself!)

Innisfree nails of the day NOTD

Innisfree perfumed nail paint #7

My nails and hand are improving slowly. I was also on a lookout for a perfect nude nail paint and got one from Innisfree sometime ago. When I bought it, I did not know that it is a perfumed nail paint bu I noticed it today while painting my nails!

Innisfree perfumed nails #7

It is a mild sweet scent, when I say sweet I do mean a pleasant sweet scent that vanishes within a few hours of painting the nails. and it not vanilla or any other over the top sweet scent. I do not know how to describe it but I will prefer it over the usual nail polish scent. So anyway.

I was expecting a beautiful neutral shade that would look great on my hands and feet but this turned out to be more rosy nude than beige that would suit my skin. There were a few more shades there so I am sure I picked up this one by mistake instead of the lighter one I originally intended to buy. But this one is a beautiful shade too. I do like the shade even though I do not like on my hands.

I am still on the look out for the perfect nude shade that would make my hands look polished and yet very classy and bright. I really liked this scented nail paint from Innisfree and will try other neutral nail polish from the line.

Do you like using neutral nail paint? Suggest your favorite nail varnish shades!

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