NOTD – It’s Skin Matte Blue Nails and some bling

I did a shopping haul post from my first visit to an It’s Skin store. I picked up a couple of nail paints from It’s Skin that day – one nude rosy pink and matte blue. I had never worn a Matte nail paint before as I like my nails looking glossy and healthy; and I believed that a matte nail paint would not look as good.

I decided to try out a bright color in matte shade (all in the name of trying for the blog!). After my last week’s Rosy pink NOTD faded, I gave my nails and cuticles a much need break from nail paints and chemicals. I applied cuticle oil twice a day, applied hand cream religiously and massaged warm oil on my nails. This routine carried on for 3 days before I got bored.

So here I am with my blue nails – It’s Skin Matte Nail Collection BL204!

Photo collage of my nails of the day matte and gllittery

Matte to glitter in 10 minutes (I don’t waste time!)

I did not like the matte look on my nails and hence applied a silver glitter top coat by Organic Farm (found at Daiso) – Shine Plus Nail 07¬†on top of my It’s Skin BL204. The Blue shade was not bad, I just like my nails glossy and shiny. No mattes! What are your thoughts on Matte nail paints?

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