NOTD – Keeping Spring Alive in Autumn

I just came back from a two day rafting trip in the Seoraksan mountain range. It was my first time rafting and I had the time of my life. I rarely used to try my hand at a little adventure but this year, I have gone all out to blow my fears away with Scuba diving, Parasailing and River rafting.

Once back from the trip, I felt a bit underwhelmed by the consistent lowering of temperature here in Seoul. I have nothing against Autumn or Winter but summer is way more fun. So just to keep a bit of summer alive, I painted my nails in the best spring color I bought this year – The Face Shop Face it Gel Touch Nails in PK102.

I bought this shade sometime in April and applied it often but somehow forgot to document it on the blog or my Instagram. So this is my official announcement that has come four months too late. Damn you laziness!

This is a perfect shade for summer and spring. It is also quite office appropriate and girly – so it checks all the boxes in my “perfect nail paint” checklist. And it will suit multiple skintones! My hands are quite tanned at the moment (blame the three mini vacations in the sun in the last 70 days) but this color still looks good on my hands (in my opinion).

Photo of The Face Shop nail paint Face it Gel touch Nails in PK102

NOTD – Face it Gel Touch Nails PK102

The Face Shop has a variety of nail paints; in fact it is best known for its wide nail color selection. The Face itGel Touch Nails line has 10 shades at the moment and each one is worth a try in my opinion. They glide like a dream and stay put for longer than other nail paints, the brush is also wider which makes it easy to apply the nail paint.

My only problem with Gel Touch Nails is their cost which seems high 5000 Korean Won (~4$). So I usually pick the shades during SALE which happens at least once a month. The normal nail paints are just 2000 Korean Won. There are a lot of 1+1 offers available in many korean cosmetic brands so buying things full price is not the best bet.

The Face Shop has at least 8 shades in nail paints excluding the Top and Base coats. The shades are:

Gel Top Coat, Blue (BL601), Purple (PP401), Green (GR501), Peachy Pink (PK102), Orange(OR201), Pink (PK101), Red (RD301), White (WH001), Base Coat.

The next one on my hit-list is Red (RD301). Red was never my color but it might just be the color of the new ‘adventurous me’.

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