NOTD – Marine Blue from The Face Shop!

The Face Shop – Face it Gel Touch Nails – BL601

One of the best decisions I have ever taken in my life is trying new colors in cosmetics especially nail paints. I was always a pink nail paint kinda girl, you’d never see any other color on my nails. One of the reasons behind this might be that I was not too much into nail paints anyway.

I have brittle nails and I don’t have slender long fingers like other girls. My hands are tiny, my fingers are chubby. So I had no interest in doing any effort to make them look good. I was all about hygiene and clean nails so I sometimes applied a clear nail paint. I never chewed on my nails and yet within two weeks of painting my nails (after growing them for a month), I’d lose one which would annoy me so much that I’d cut them all.

It would take me at least another month to reach the mindset of growing my nails and painting them again. Ok so finally after this long introduction to my new obsession – nail paints and nail art, I have a Marine inspired NOTD today.

Photo of my NOTD with The Face Shop Blue Gel Touch nail paint

The Face Shop – face it Gel Touch Nails – BL601 (Blue)

The Face Shop has a variety of nail paints to choose from. These Gel Touch nail paints cost 5000 Korean Won (~4$) so even though I wanted them right from the day I tried my Peachy Pink(PK102) shade, I waited for the next sale to score two colors I have never worn in life – Blue and purple. I’m planning to wear the purple one next.

They have at least 8 lines in nail paints and this one is BL601 from the Face it Gel Touch Nails collection. There are 10 shades available in this line:

Gel Top Coat,
Blue (BL601),
Purple (PP401),
Green (GR501),
Peachy Pink (PK102),
Pink (PK101),
Red (RD301),
White (WH001)
Base Coat.

This shade (Bl601) is going to be my go to shade for autumn because I’m still not a big fan of wine and other darker shades (worn by others in autumn and winter) and this color is quite rich and unique. But I won’t say never because who knows I might try some more colors in the next sale 😉


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