Nature Republic nails paints are available in plenty of shades and most of them cost 1000 Korean Won. I have been able to exercise my new nail obsession because of Nature Republic. The shade that I am wearing today is the kind of shade I used to wear all the time. Taupes and pinks were the only shades I bought if I ever decided to paint my nails (which happened twice a year)!

My Nail color: LEAN NAIL SPP404 (NQ2525)


I have a couple of concerns about¬† the Nature Republic nail paints –
– One is that they smell too chemical-ly which can be a good thing if they have not added any fragrance to mask the usual nail paint strong smell or a bad thing that the ingredients are too strong and make the product smell worse than a typical nail paint remover. What I basically mean is the smell is overpowering and kind of cheap.
– The shade color or name is written on a small sticky paper glued to the cap of the product so it is really difficult to identify the shade if you lose that small label.

The shade is nice and lasted me without chipping for 3 days which is good in my opinion because I usually do a lot of housework and my hands get washed like 100 times a day. The price is good too if compared (after conversion) to other brands like Lakme and Maybelline.

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