NOTD – Neon Pink nails and Bokeh!

My first ever gamble in nail colours, this neon pink has become my favorite of all time! I have worn it plenty of times, two my NOTDs featuring this Organic Farm Shine Plus Nail #52 from Daiso are my favorite “Nails of the Day (NOTD)” ever. See them here and here.

It was my choice of nail paint for my birthday too, sad that I was too scared to start my own blog then. This time I wanted to do something that has been making rounds on my “Glamour & beauty” board on Pinterest. When I looked at these I felt like, “Why didn’t I come up with it?”

One of the reasons might be that I like uniformity. So this is a small step out of my comfort zone and here is the result:

Photo of my newly painted nails against Bokeh at night

NOTD – Pink and Golden nails art and Bokeh!

Just to make this NOTD a bit more special, I went out at night and clicked my hand and created a Bokeh (read about it here). The golden and pink colors are looking different here because they were clicked at night with flash. Read the posts linked above to see the color in natural light without flash. I was just bored of showing my hands holding the nail paint! But I regret not wearing a ring in gold rather than this antique (looking ) silver ring.

I still hope you like this experiment. Do you use simple tricks like these for nail art? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

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