NOTD – Orange and Golden Elle Girl

Elle Girl Cosmetics – NOTD

I think I have been doing NOTDs almost once every week now, that is great considering I wasn’t a nail-polish girl which means I am on track with my Beauty 2013 resolution of keeping my nails in good shape and painting them regularly.

This week I went out of my comfort zone and bought something that I would never even have thought of wearing till the end of 2012. I went to Olive Young – A Beauty Store in Seoul for some beauty shopping and ended up buying an orange nail paint from Elle Girl (A Paris inspired beauty brand owned by Elle – the fashion magazine)

NOTD nails of the day Burnt Orange by elle girl

NOTD – Orange and Gold

The shade is 08. Since I bought it in South Korea, the shade name is written in Korean which unfortunately I can’t read 🙁

The photo does not do justice to the beautiful color and I did like the outcome. I always like Orange with Golden!

For the flower shape, I just used golden chunks from my The Face Shop – Face it nail paint in GL112. Here’s how

Step1 : Apply two coats of the base shade, Orange in my case.
Step 2: Take out small amount of GL112 (The Face Shop nail paint) on a paper and separate the chunks (at least 40) with the use of a bobby pin.
Step 3: When the base is little dry but tacky enough, place one golden chuck from GL112 at the specified place for the pattern at a time.  Do not press it too hard or it will ruin your base coats.
Step 4: Place all golden glitter particles on all the nails and complete the pattern on all nails. It can upto 10minutes.
Step 5: When the base color and chucks are firmly in place and dry, apply a clear top coat to seal your manicure in place.

* I was too lazy to try and do the nail art thing on my right hand so I just applied a coat of GL112 on my nails.

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