NOTD – Organic Farm Pastel Pink

I repainted my nails today with a very spring-ey nail color from Organic Farm. I came across Organic Farm nail paints in Korea. The nail paints are really inexpensive, 1000 Korean Won for one nail paint which is less than one American Dollar (~ 50INR).

Daiso stocks Organic Farm nail paints and there is a huge variety to choose from. Organic in ORGANIC FARM might be misleading customers as there is nothing of Organic origin in these nail paints (not that I know of).

I do not grow my nails very often but when I do, I like to keep them nicely painted so I go for cheaper options available.

Photo of my NOTD - Organic farm pastel pink nails of the day

NOTD – Pastel Pink Organic Farm

I love light fresh shades especially pastels so this color just caught my eye. And I love how Spring-y it makes my hands look! Organic farm has 6 shades in this pastels line – lemon, peach, lavender, baby blue, baby pink and mint green (I think).

As far as I have seen, Organic Farm is the only nail paint brand in Daiso in Korea. They have plenty of lines of matte shades, shine plus nails and pastels. This is my first one and I plan to pick up the rest of shades one by one during the course of the summer!
Do you like pastel shades for nails?

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