NOTD – Pink and Golden nails

NOTD – Nail Paints From The Face Shop

This week I went ahead and bought 4 new nail paints from The Face Shop in a 2+2 offer. They are glittery top coats that glam up my nails instantly.

Today I wore my Organic Farm ‘Shine Plus Nail’ in coral-y ┬ápink shade #52 as base (also worn in NOTD – Neon Pink) and my new The Face Shop ‘Face it’ Golden Glitter in #GL112.

I finished it off with my Oriflame Crystal Base and Top coat. My nails look glam and summer-y!

My notd - the face shop glitter nail and organic farm neon pink nails of the day

NOTD – Neon Pink and golden Nails

The photo looks so awkward as I am holding two nail paints in my hand. I wanted to show both of them for some reason and was too lazy to think of something creative and much more aesthetically pleasing.

It is also funny that I am now doing NOTDs regularly. I would never have thought that I would be doing this even till the end of last year. I was the most boring nail person ever – pastel pink or transparent top-coat only. I have come a long way. I hope to find more inspiration on Pinterest and do something really awesome with my growing nail paint collection. I am pleased with the end result this time and hope you like it too.

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