NOTD – Rainbow Nails and Inspiration

I love Pinterest and I sometimes regret not inventing something as cool as that. It is one happy place to live in. I used to practically live in that make believe world; I still do when I fall sick or do not feel like doing anything else. The photos cheer me up.

I draw inspiration and sometimes get many ideas from Pinterest. (My account is iamritukt). There are some really drool worthy photos there and I love finding new NOTDs and inspiration to do my nails since I am lazy about painting my nails.

I noticed that a lot of people had also shared some pics about where they found inspiration for those nail art designs. Some of them were really interesting and I wanted to do something on the similar lines. Just yesterday I was at the Gangnam station and came across this wall full of colorful bulbs (I’m not sure if they light up). I had seen it many times before but never really “noticed” it.

I just clicked a photo without thinking and went to board my train. When I was looking through my photos last night, I had an idea and that is how my rainbow nails came about.

Collage of photos of my nails of the day look and inspiration for it

NOTD – Rainbow nails

I have seen a few girls sporting such nail designs but this is my first time. I like uniformity and rules so I do get a 10 watt (minor) electric shock looking at these but I am happy that I am not falling in a rut and that I am doing something new in my life. Have you tried rainbow nails?

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