NOTD – Secret Pink by Nature Republic

This is the Korean Thanksgiving week and there sales going on major Korean brands. The main day is of course Thursday, the 19th of September, but it is three day long vacation – 18th (Wednesday), 19th (Thursday), 20th (Friday) which means this is a 5-day weekend!

During the SALE time over the last couple of weeks, I visited The Face Shop, Nature Republic, Missha, SkinFood, It’s Skin and Olive Young stores. I might have shopped more during this fortnight than any other time during this year.

I have already posted my It’s Skin Haul so now it is time for me to do a The Face Shop and Nature Republic haul. But I am in a holiday mood day and plan to go out with my husband and our friends so I thought of doing a NOTD first.

I did not buy many things Nature Republic so I will club my Nature Republic and The Face Shop haul (which is HUGE!). I bought this hot pink from Nature Republic (at 1000  Korean Won ~1$) alongwith a deep red shade as I am fully inclined to build a fall-winter appropriate nailpaint collection now.

Photo of me wearing Secret Pink nail paint by Nature Republic

NOTD – Secret Pink (PK215) by Nature Republic

This is one of my most weird NOTD photo ever! It looks a bit off, maybe because of too much palm and too less fingers, haha! So anyway I have worn a similar colour from Maxfactor called Dusky Rose (I think) in the past (roughly 2 years ago). It was my first bright color in my entire life until I moved to Korea and started “experimenting”.

This shade is a tad bit more warm than this cool bright pink. I find it hilarious that this shade is called “Secret Pink“(PK215) because there is nothing secretive about it. This name might have been appropriate for a nude rose shade or something. But anyway I love this “happy” color on my nails. I believe that a good nail or lip color can brighten up a dull day! What do you think? What are you wearing on your nails?

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