NOTD – Snowy winter nights and cloudy days nail art design (2 in 1)

Hi everyone! I am here today with a nail art design I just “saw” before going to sleep day before yesterday. I love getting inspiration from nature but I was not sure if I will be able to pull this off since my nails are not that long right now. But anyway I like the result and this is my favorite type of NOTD. This is also my first time doing the ombre nails. Lets get started.

NOTD nails of the day with simple nail art

Snowy Winter Nights and Cloudy winter days (2 in 1) nail art design

When I “envisioned” this nail art, I saw a very light blue shade and navy for the sky. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a light blue or a navy in my nail polish collection. I didn’t want to go out and buy a new one so I decided to play with what I had. So choose the colors based upon what you have in your collection.

You need:

  • Nail paints – Light Blue, Navy, White and a clear/glitter top coat
  • Nail art sponge
  • A nail art pen (preferably a white nail art pen)
  • a surface to mix the shades (A metal or ceramic bowl/polybag will also do)

Check out the video:

(Part 1) Snowy Winter nights NOTD:

Step 1: I applied a coat of white nail paint (The Face Shop face it Gel Touch nails in WH001) on my nails.

Step 2: Then I put some navy (actually a purple shade PP401 from The Face Shop Face It Wide Nails) and a Blue (The Face Shop face it Gel Touch nails in BL601) just underneath it.

Step 3: I dipped a sponge in the colors and started gently dabbing it on my nails keeping the purple (which looks like navy) near the tip of my nails and the blue in the middle while leaving just a little white surface near the cuticle.

Step 4: Wait for the nails to dry and then I created small white dots with the nail art pen (Etude House Nail Art pen in White). It represents snow falling at night.

Step 5: I drew a snowflake (See the video for details) on my ring finger just to make the whole look a bit more special. I did not draw snowflakes on all of the nails but if you want you can. If I concentrate so much, it gives me a headache (plus I’m lazy).

Step 6: I waited for the snowflakes to dry and then cleaned up the edges with a cotton bud dipped in Nail paint remover.

Step 7: Top it off with a clear coat (The Face Shop Face it Gel Touch Nails top coat).

Mistakes I made:

  • A big white lump on my thumb which I later transformed into a star.
  • A couple of snowflakes were not dry when I applied the top coat which made the white paint scatter bit giving it a more realistic, homemade look. LOL!
  • I always take nail paint far beyond my nails. Just can’t keep my hand steady! I sometimes have a lot to clean up especially on my right hand.

(Part 2) Cloudy Winter days NOTD:

I did the snowflake winter nights designs on my left hand and decided to do something different on my right hand. I usually like uniformity but I was feeling adventurous!

Step 1 to 3 are the same as above.

Step 4: Wait for the nails to dry and then start drawing clouds on your nails. I have small nails so I drew two on each but you can draw as many as you want. just lave a little space to show the sky!

I dotted using the white nail paint as if outlining a cloud and then filled it in. And since clouds are all unique in shapes and sizes, I went on drawing randomly.

Step 5: Let the clouds dry and then seal them with a top coat.

Products used:

  • The Face Shop Face it Gel Touch Nails in WH001 (White)
  • The Face Shop Face it Wide Nails in PP401 (Violet) (Use a midnight blue if you can)
  • The Face Shop Face it Gel Touch Nails in BL601 (Cobalt Blue) (use a sky blue if you can)
  • Etude House Nail Art Pen in White
  • The Face Shop Face it Sponge Nail Remover
  • The Face Shop Face it Gel Touch Nails Top Coat

Check out these products on The Face Shop’s International website.

I plan on doing some more fun winter inspired nail art designs in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more fun!


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