NOTD – Starry Nights (nail decoration)

Hi everyone, I hadn’t done fun NOTD posts on Shopping Escapades for a while so I posted a pink and blue stars NOTD post the other day (see this post). While I was painting my nails, I got the idea of this starry nights nails. So I am here with my Starry nights nails of the days post. I am using The Face Shop Face it Wide Nails in PP401, The Face Shop Face it Gel touch nails – Base and Top coat, Daiso nail decoration – blue stars (from a trio in my post here).

Nail art for NOTD starry nights

NOTD nails of the day – Starry Nights

This NOTD is pretty easy to do if you have the nail decoration stickers like the one I am using here. I got these in February fro Daiso. It came in a set of three and cost 2000 – 3000 KRW (quiet cheap).

Steps I followed:

1. Separate the stars for all 10 fingernails. I was applying 3 each so I separated 30 star stickers.

2. Apply two coats of a midnight blue nail paint. I applied two coats of The Face Shop face it Wide nails PP401 on my nails.

3. Pick up the stars one by one with a toothpick dipped in clear nail paint and lightly stick on the desired place when the base nails color (blue) is a it tacky (half dry). I picked it up using my finger. They were easy to pick without the clear coat with my fingers. The only downside to my finger technique (if I can call it that) is that if you apply even a little bit of pressure, your nail paint will get ruined (true story!)

4. Apply a clear top coat to finish the starry nights NOTD

Note: If you do not have star nail decoration, stars are easy to draw with thin-tip nail art pens. I am not usually as patient so I go for ready-made stars!

The nail stickers like these fold easily and start sticking out within a day or two (at least for me) It gets rough and scratches delicate fabric so a top coat is a must but even with a top coast, there is no guarantee that it will last. This manicure lasted perfectly for less than 24 hours. I do not mind since I have the NOTD-bug right now.

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