Oriflame Beauty Crystal Top & Base Coat – review

I think I have too many Oriflame products right now to talk about anything else. I plan to not buy more cosmetics till I go to South Korea because I intend to buy and try out Korean cosmetics. In the past few months that I was there, I did not venture out enough to experiment with Korean beauty brands. The other reason was that I had carried a lot of Oriflame products. One of the things I absolutely loved from Oriflame was Oriflame Beauty CrystalTop & Base Coat for nails.

Oriflame beauty Crystal Base and top coat

Oriflame Crystal Base and top coat

It has a very shiny finish and I love the fact that it is a two-in-one product – top and base coat. This was the first time I bought a Top and base coat because I always used to wear only two coats of a nail paint. I was not too much into nail paints. I usually just loved having clean and moisturized hands, I hardly grew my nails. But if i grew my nails, I felt obliged to paint them.

I have brittle flaky nails so keeping them painted was another way of keeping them from breaking. Otherwise the top layer of my nail would start peeling off and the nail overall would become even softer and easy to chip off from the tip. So anyway I love this top and base coat.

Price – 249 INR

Quantity – 7 ml (0.2 fl.oz.)

I tried using it as a base coat but I spoil my nail paint if I use something underneath it but as a top coat, this has helped give my nails a shine and also keep the nail paint from chipping off easily. From 2-3 days a week, my nail paint now stays for upto 5 days!

Rating – 4/5 (because it failed for me as a base coat)

Recommend – Yes

Oriflame seems to have a really beautiful nail paint collection by the look of the catalogues but I never order nail colors because I am afraid of how different it will be in reality. It happened to one of my friend when she ordered a nail paint from Avon through a consultant so I do not have their nail paints as of now.

What is your experience with the Oriflame Crystal Base & Top Coat? Do you like Oriflame products?

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