Oriflame Brush Roll (review) + My Makeup brushes collection

Hi! Just popped in to show my Oriflame brush roll + my makeup brushes collection today. I carried all of my makeup brushes with me and all of them except two fit in one brush roll! I carried minimal cosmetics and accessories with me while coming to Korea. I knew  would be shopping and building up my collection in no time, haha. So anyway, here is the collage of my brush roll and makeup brushes.

Oriflame brush roll and my cosmetic brushes

Oriflame brush roll and my makeup brushes

My Makeup Brushes collection (bottom photo, left to right):

Smashbox eyeliner brush,

Oriflame cosmetic brushes (from brush kit): Eyeliner brush, Concealer brush, eyeshadow brush

Eco Tools Eyeshadow brush,

MAC 224 Blending brush,

Oriflame cosmetic brushes (from brush kit) Blush brush, powder brush,

The Body Shop Eyeshadow brush,

The Body Shop Foundation brush.

(photo on top-right corner) Elizabeth Arden Powder brush

I got this brush roll last year when it was newly launched alongwith a blending brush. It looks a lot like MAC 224 that I have (as you can see in the picture). These are pretty much all of the brushes that I have at this moment. I got rid of many of my cheap makeup brushes at the end of December during a huge cleanup drive. I love starting afresh every year and since I started a beauty blog, I figured  will build my collection anyway so i let go of the things that were not particularly good.

I have hardly used the Smashbox eye liner brush (bought in Sweden) but it is super soft to touch and helped me learn smokey eye effect when I first started. I used to apply the dark shade on my crease using this brush and then blend it with the blending brush.

MAC 224 is obviously a bestseller and I really like how similar Oriflame blending brush (bought last year) is to MAC 224. And it costs 1/3rd of MAC 224!

Eco tools eyeshadow brush, which I will be reviewing separately, is one of the most dense and big eyeshadow brushes I have ever seen and I love it. It packs just the right amount of the color on the eyelids. And it is eco-friendly. I had bought it in Sweden in the end of 2010.

The oriflame eyeshadow and foundation brushes also came back with me from Sweden. I am not a huge fan of the eyeshadow brush because it is to small and thin, but I really like the foundation brush.

All of the Oriflame brushes with crystal handle come in a leather style click-button cylindrical container. I have already talked about them in my Oriflame cosmetics brush kit post. They are a basic set and quite suitable for a beginner. I have used them for quite sometime and they are amazing for the price and quality.

The Elizabeth Arden powder brush is the softest makeup brush I have even used and it is very dense and picks up just the right amount of product. It is a bit tapered on the sides. It is very soft to touch and does not shed at all even after washing. I bought this brush also in Sweden in 2010. It is my HG powder brush!

I also like the faux-leather brush roll that Oriflame came out with last year. I bought it in the same month it was launched and I always suggest it to others. it is travel friendly and has enough room for 8 brushes. it also has a small zipper pocket on the right where you can store Q tips or travel size brushes. Worth the money!

Did my Makeup brushes collection shock you? How many brushes do you have in your makeup brush collection?

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