Oriflame Cosmetics Brush Kit Review

Hiiiii! I am so excited today and not just because I am going to talk about the most affordable and reasonably good quality makeup brushes, Oriflame Cosmetics Brush Kit but because I leave for South Korea tonight. I know I will be posting sparingly for the next few days or at least till I feel settled there. So let’s do a quick review of the makeup up brushes.

Oriflame Basic makeup Brush set

Oriflame Cosmetics Brush kit

Product: Oriflame Cosmetics Brush Kit

Description (from Oriflame website): With this extra-convenient 5 brush kit, you can keep yourself beautiful at any time! Complete with a leather-styled case with pop fasteners. Polyurethane, ethylene vinyl acetate, polyester, iron, polystyrene, natural and nylon fibres.

Price: 890 INR

Quantity: 5 brushes (powder brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, eyeliner/lip brush) in a leather-style cylindrical case.

I love the packaging of these brushes. As far as I know, Sigma beauty also has a similar packaging of a few of their brushes. I do not know who invented this packaging but it is very convenient. You can use it to keep your brushes covered from the dust at all times or display them on your vanity keeping them in the cylindrical stands the leather case reveals to be!

The transparent handles of the brushes also makes them look classy and elegant. the synthetic fibers are soft and tapered for the brushes. I have been using these brushes for over 8 months and I think they have held up well until now. I am carrying this affordable brush set to Korea where I may add brushes from korean brands.

Rating – 4/5

Recommend – Yes

I think these brushes are very basic and may not be for people with MAC and Sigma brushes but this cheap brush kit is an absolutely good investment for beginners. Women who do not use makeup often or use only basic makeup can only have this brush set for all their needs.

What do you think about this Oriflame Cosmetics Brush Kit? Which brushes do you use everyday?

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