Oriflame hair and skincare products haul!

I got a few things through my friend from Oriflame. I really want to try out more Korean products, but I also want to check out some Oriflame products. I do not usually go for newly launched products always and try to get things that will suit my sensibilities so here a few things from their regular line. I had actually asked for these quite sometime ago but they came late due to some problems at my friend’s side. Anyway, here’s what I got!

oriflame skincare and hair

Oriflame new haul

Oriflame products:

  • Oriflame Refreshing Intimate Wash
  • Oriflame Feet Up Overnight moisturizing foot cream
  • Oriflame Coconut and Ricemilk hand cream
  • Oriflame North For Men Fairness Lotion
  • Oriflame Coconut and Ricemilk nourishing hot oil
  • Oriflame Reviving Hand Treatment mask

I should have gotten these when I was in India but it all got so late, I am not sure if some of these are even available at Oriflame now, I would still review these products in case Oriflame brings those back!

I am running out of the Oriflame Gentle Intimate Wash so good that I got the Refreshing Intimate wash. I staretd using these quite sometime ago and cannot live without them. I have never seen any Intimate washes in India, at least in beauty stores, maybe they are available in the pharmacies but i am so glad I can get it from Oriflame.

I got the Foot cream just like that, no back story.

I was quite excited about the Coconut and Ricemilk hand cream and hot oil since these are not listed in the catalogs anymore but my friend got them for me. I love tropical scents and coconut is my favorite for bath and body products. The hot oil is for one time use only and I am yet to see the directions to use it!

The face lotion is for the hubster! He asked me to get him a face cream, I added it to my list but he does not need it right now, we’ll see when he uses this and maybe I’ll take his inputs to write a review or just leave it. And for some hand pampering sessions, I got the hand treatment mask. I thought since the hand cream is so good, I might as well the mask. Stay tuned for reviews!

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