Oriflame Nature Aloe Vera and Maracuja Soothing Hair Mask review

Heleow! I am here today to talk about another Oriflame product – Oriflame Nature Aloe Vera and Maracuja Soothing Hair Mask. I think I have too many Oriflame products right now. Expect to hear about more Oriflame products for a few days before Korean makeup and beauty products take my makeup and beauty collection with a storm!

Oriflame Hair Mask

Oriflame Nature Aloe Vera & Maracuja Soothing hair Mask

Product: Oriflame Nature Aloe Vera & Maracuja Soothing Hair Mask

Product Description: Give your hair an extra, intensively-conditioning, weekly treat with this rich mask with lush, tropical, soothing Aloe-Vera and Maracuja.

How to Use: Apply to washed hair, comb through, leave five minutes, then rinse.

I bought this Aloe Vera and Maracuja hair mask because I had run out of my other hair mask by Shehnaz Hussain (don’t remember the name). I was intrigued by the exotic sounding Maracuja! My friend had actually got Aloe Vera & Maracuja Body Cream and loved it, she also talked about the citrus scent. Being the citrus-sent-sucker that I am, I bought this.

Even thought the instructions say to comb after applying the hair mask, I do not do that. I do not think it is good for hair. Wet hair is more prone to breaking. To each his (her) own. And I don’t think not combing has anything to do with the results of the hair mask.

Price: 249 INR

Quantity: 150 ml

The other drugstore hair products also fall in the same price range (and quantity) so this was not a big move. I love the smell, it was refreshing but it worked like a normal conditioner in many ways. I also have a big bottle of Kiehl’s Amino Acid conditioner which performs equally good if not better than this hair mask. I have used many other hair masks in the past 4 years but none has been outstanding yet.

Rating: 3/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurhase: Undecided

This is the first Oriflame hair mask I have used. I love the scent and it does last a bit for a day on my hair even after drying. And it is as moisturizing as any other drugstore hair conditioner or hair mask. I kept this in the shower so the ingredients list got soaked and it is practically undecipherable. So I cannot directly comment on the product quality in terms of ingredients but I know at this price and seeing what Oriflame does, it would have parabens and parfum.

What are your thoughts about Oriflame products? Does Oriflame Nature Aloe vera & Maracuja soothing hair mask sound good to you?

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