Oriflame Nature Secrets Relaxing Lavender and Fig Hand and Body Cream Review

Hiiii! How are you today? It is very cold here in Seoul but seems like it won’t snow again 🙁 I think it was on the 22nd or 23rd night 3 am that it snowed and I was awake. I just couldn’t sleep. I think God knew I loved snow and wanted me to see the last snow of the winter of 2012-13. I did open the window slowly so as not to disturb my husband and took a few photos from the iPad. I felt good. So anyway moving on to something I do NOT feel very good about – an Oriflame body cream.

Oriflame Hand and Body cream

Oriflame Nature Secrets Hand & Body Cream with relaxing lavender &fig

Product: Oriflame Nature Secrets Relaxing Lavender & Fig Hand & Body Cream

Product Claim: Relaxing cream with the soothing scent of Lavender oil, antioxidant Fig Extract and a rich texture to nourish skin. Providing lasting hydration this non-greasy formula helps skin stay smooth all day.

Quantity: 200ml

Price: 379 INR

I was so much excited to use Oriflame products last year and it seems like my excitement is fading. It might be because I am learning more and more about ingredients and the difference between good and bad for beauty products. But also because this product was a total let down from the get go!

I ordered this a few months ago with the hopes of having a mild lavender scented soft body cream. I have loved the Nourishing Hand Cream for dry hands by Oriflame for a couple of years so I expected this to be good too. When I opened the lid, I was disappointed.

It was a think, non-creamy cream (yup hard to understand but that is how it was). It was so diffcult to apply to the skin, it just didn’t get absorbed. It did not smell much of either lavender or fig. It was a lavender colored goo!

Rating: 2/5

Recommend: NO!

Repurchase: Never

I usually give products a second chance but I had to wait for 4 months before applying it again. It was such a disappointment. I brought this with me to Korea because I thOught I will use it for my feet and get it over with. It is 200ml and there was a long way to go so I started searching for options to get it done with!

I have finally come with a plan to use it and it works. So here are the two ways, I can tolerate it:

– I wet my hands before picking this up from the tub and then rub it on my arms and legs as fast as I can.


– I apply it to my wet body before drying myself with a towel. It does make my towel creamy, that is just how it is best absorbed by the skin.

I will never use a cream of this conistency on my hands so I have no idea why Oriflame labelled this as a hand and body cream. So anyway if you have it and do not throw it, use it the way I have mentioned above.

What are your thoughts about Oriflame body cream? How do you feel about Oriflame products in general?


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