Oriflame Pure Colour Nail Polish – Review, Swatch, NOTD!

When I look back at my life, I see all the signs. Signs that foretold that I was going to be a beauty blogger! I was always excited about makeup and skincare products much more than clothes. Eyeliner gave me confidence on my low days like nothing else could. So even before I started doing this professionally, I tested out products even though at the time we did not have access to many international brands. Some friendly neighbours then introduced us to Avon, Oriflame and later Amway. I somehow had a fascination with Oriflame (mainly because of Sweden which I later lived in for about a year). I used their products for a long time before I became a consultant. I have reviewed a lot of their products when I just started blogging, check out my Oriflame reviews. But once I moved to Korea, I had no way of accessing Oriflame. After coming back last year, I kept toying with the idea but realized it last month. I have ordered a few new products from their new range this month. And the first one to see the light of the day is the Oriflame Pure Colour Nail Polish Sheer Cream!


Oriflame Pure Colour Nail Polish – Sheer Cream

Product: Oriflame Pure Colour Nail Polish – 26257 Sheer Cream

Claim: Glossy, high-shine nail polish in a huge range of exciting shades. Gorgeous finish, fantastic colours at an unbelievable price!

Quantity: 8 ml

Price: 179 INR

Oriflame Pure Colour Nail Polish comes in a clear plastic bottle with black lid. The packaging is chubby and cute! I also like the shade of this nail paint but while applying I found out that the color pay off was very poor. I applied one coat and it was so sheer, it looked like a clear base coat. One the second coat it looked a bit cloudy. Third coat gave a bit more opacity but it still did not please me. So I applied the fourth coat and liked the colour built up.

It was a bit like a test of patience building the opacity of this nail polish. I am not sure this is everyone’s cup of tea. I was watching a movie while applying this nail paint so I did not realize how much time actually went in coming up with this manicure. But once the top coat dried, it felt good. And the manicure lasted for 4 days without chipping!

Rating: 2.75/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: No

Disclaimer: Bought by RituKT for review purposes.

Overall I would say that I am still interested in trying out other shades from the Pure Colour Nail Polish range. I am disappointed with the colour payoff from this particular shade as I was expecting a much more opaque colour but that is partially my fault. It is named Sheer Cream. It is sheer, it is cream. Anyway, I like how it looks on my nails. What do you think?

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