Oriflame Wonder Lash Intense Mascara – Review

Hi girls! I am back with another one of my Oriflame reviews. It seems like I was reviewing all the things I didn’t really like last month from Oriflame but today I am doing a review of something that I like. It has room for improvement but it is good. SO let’s get started in the Oriflame Wonder Lash Intense Mascara review!

Oriflame Mascara

Oriflame Wonder Lash Intense Mascara

Product: Oriflame Beauty Wonder Lash Intense Mascara (Oriflame code: 21647)

Shade: Intense Black

The Oriflame Beauty Wonder Lash Intense Mascara is available in Black and prune shades. I wanted to get the prune shade but I anticipated it wouldn’t show up any different than a dirty black or brown shade so I ended up getting the Intense Black mascara.

When I received my order (in the mid of 2012), I saw that the manufacturing date was a year before. It was disappointing especially since Mascaras have the smallest shelf life in makeup. After opening they go bad in 3-4 months and if they are old, they tend to go bad sooner after opening.

I stopped using this in November 2012 when it got so clumpy that no amount of wiggling would separate my lashes but I am reviewing it now because I wanted to try out a few more mascaras to compare it with.

I really like the mascara wand. It has long bristles on one side for the upper lashes and a lash-discovery types bristles on the other side. So it was really easy to use on both upper and lower lashes.

So let’s talk about the formula now. I like how light this feels on the lashes and it does go on well on the lashes without clumping (before it goes bad). It was easy to get off the lashes with any makeup remover and did not irritate my eyes or flake off! My only (big) complaint is that it does not hold the curl very long.

Rating: 3/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: Maybe

I may try this out in the future again to see if I had the problem because of it being a bit old when I started using it. I like it for everyday use. This is not a particularly lengthening or volumizing mascara but it does makes your eyelashes look a little bit thicker and more pronounced.

What do you think about the Oriflame Beauty Wonderlash Intense mascara?

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