Plus Size Fashion – 6 ways of Styling a Denim Jacket!

plus size fashion h&m denim jacketDenim Jacket – H&M

Fashion stylists swear by Denim jackets, they claim that it is one of the most versatile pieces in a wardrobe. And I agree! But for the longest time I was afraid of donning one as I thought it would add more bulkiness to upper body. Dressing up an apple-shaped body is a challenge especially if you want to make an effort in appearing slimmer. It doesn’t always work.

I gave up on it quite some ago and started wearing whatever I wanted; that is exactly the time I picked up a denim jacket for myself. I wore it a zillion times before it got misplaced in my move from South Korea last year. Anyhow, here are a few different ways I styled my outfits with my beloved denim jacket!

Note: Photos are from the past (2012-2014) and may not be very good quality since I had no plans of sharing them with anyone at the time. Also do keep in mind that I have a classic, fuss-free approach to fashion and styling.

Outfit 1: Skater Dress!

plus size fashion

This outfit is all H&M which is my favorite brand of all time (they recently opened their first store in India in New Delhi). I picked up this simple coral skater dress from a sale at H&M. It turned out more sheer than I preferred so I wore a tank top underneath ( of course in black). I am also more comfortable with wearing tights than baring my legs during spring and autumn (South Korea) so I wore these woollen tights again by H&M. Since I was going to be doing a lot of touristy things around Seoul that day, so I paired this outfit with my calf-length boots (flat). I added a long chain necklace with coral pendant, black studs to add some glamour to the look!

Outfit details:

Dress, Denim Jacket, Woollen Tights, V neck Tank Top – H&M

Boots – Zara

Outfit 2: Crop+tank tops and Jeggings!

delhi fashion bloggers

Outfit details:

Denim Jacket, Black tunic, Grey tank top – H&M

Gray Jeggings – Westside

Boots – Random brand from Payless Korea

Handbag – Mochi

Sunglasses – Miami Blues

Outfit 3: Tunic and Jeans

denim jacket

If someone asks me what is go-to style for everyday, I’d say it’s baggy tunic with jeans/jeggings/leggings. I practically live in these outfits and never get bored. Plus they are so easy to produce an outfit – take any tunic, pair it with back leggings/jeggings, add color-coordinated shoes and accessories and you are sorted. These are high on comfort too. So I created many similar looks, only one of them was captured!

Outfit details:

Denim Jacket, Black and Beige handbag –  H&M

Blue tunic – Random (Korea)

Dark Blue Stretchable Jeans – Westside

Hidden Wedge Sneakers – Hawkins Sports (ABC mart, Korea)

Outfit 4: Asymmetrical Midi Dress

clothes for apple shape body


Outfit details:

Denim Jacket, handbag – H&M

Asymmetrical Dress – From Street shopping in Korea

Belt – Forever 21

Black ballet flats – Payless

Outfit 5: Maxi Dress

plus size blogger

For a long day of romaing around at the Seoul Grand park, I donned a solid green A-line Maxi dress with gray ballet flats. To add some structure and fun to the look, I added my beloved Denim jacket. I paired it with a three-tier black thread necklace, silver hoops and my double sided H&M handbag! Wings are optional 😉

Outfit details:

Denim Jacket, Black and Beige Double sided handbag – H&M

Maxi Dress – Random (Express bus terminal, Seoul)

Gray Ballet flats (not visible in the pic)- Payless

Outfit 6: Strapless Maxi Dress with Side Slits

fashion for apple shape body

*Sorry for the hazy pic

I picked up this strapless maxi dress with side slits from H&M during a summer sale (back in 2013). This was the only shade it was available in, not that I would have picked up a colourful option in spite of this gray and black number. Strapless does not always flatter busty women so for some modesty and adding a layer, I wore my trusted H&M denim jacket. For the pop of colour, I paired this with my Peach wedges (again from Payless) and the long chained antique gold necklace with peach pendant. The handbag is my black and beige double sided bucket bag from H&M!

Outfit details:

Strapless Maxi dress, handbag – H&M

Peach wedges – Payless

It is quite clear from this post that I love H&M and a good bargain. And I picked most of these during sales. I would have liked a Denim jacket to be slimming but that might be asking too much from a piece of clothing. And I love keeping a denim jacket open, I specifically bought it one size smaller so it would stand just right on my body frame, it also sort of cute me horizontally which is considered good for heavier body frames. Had it been bigger in size, it would have closed up more on the top area and made me appear chunkier (in my opinion).

Hope you enjoyed reading this long post about denim jackets, well one denim jacket. I do not own any right now but plan on shopping for one soon. Do you love wearing denim jackets? Share your styling secrets, comment below!


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