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I have medium length, curly-rough-voluminous-unmanageable hair (with a good measure pf premature greys!). And even though I have not damaged my hair with heat styling and stuff, my diet, hormones (and probably genes) have ruined my hair. I got my first grey hair at the age of 16 and it has been an emotional ride till now with more greys on the way. But a couple of months ago, after my hair makeover by Lakme, I decided to pay attention to my hair. And these days I have been styling it more often, doing regular hair massages and getting hair spa monthly. It has shown a little impact. One of the things I also started doing was using something other than just coconut oil. I picked up the Ramtirth Brahmi Oil from my local supermarket and after using it for about 7 weeks, here is my review!

Ramtirth Brahmi Oil

Ramtirth Brahmi Oil

Product: Ramtirth Brahmi Oil – Ayurvedic Medicine

Claim: Ramtirth Brahmi Oil is prepared scientificially from pure coconut oil and 22 exotic Ayurvedic herbs. It is excellent for dandruff, brain, sound sleep and for body massage.

Quantity: 200 ml

Price: 160 INR

Ingredients: Coconut Oil (q.s), Dudhi, Nimbu, Kothmir leaves, Volo roots, Gulab, Kachura, Brahmi, Chandan, Alma, Sitalchini, Kapurkachali, Nagormoth, Anantmool, Damaro, Nagod, Ganhula, Shamkupushpi, Padopandadi, Bavachi, Vaj Roots, Marvo, Bhanaro, Sahadevi.

Ramtirth Brahmi Oil ingredients

Ramtirth Brahmi Oil

Ramtirth Brahmi Oil comes a clear glass bottle with twist open metal lid. Obvisously it is not a travel-friendly packaging but it works perfectly for daily use otherwise because the bottle can be placed in hot water for the oil to melt (it solidifies in winter at room temperature).

This oil has the texture of the coconut oil, is green in color, but it smells more of Brahmi (with a bit of Amla). It feels relaxing to the scalp of application and it is also very nourishing to the skin. I used it for my hair most of the time but on some occassions I did use it as my night time hand “cream” and it really helped nourish the parched skin of my hands in winter (when I was in Delhi and Chandigarh).

Ramtirth Brahmi Oil price

Ramtirth Brahmi Oil

I know Brahmi, Amla, Shankupushpi are good for the brain so I hope this oil helped me subtly on other levels than just for the topical application on the scalp. My hair did feel softer and more manageable after hair wash (when compared to hair wash without hair oil massage). For Ayurvedic product lovers, this is definitely worth a try!

This is not a miracle product per say but I think it is a great option for us Indians who love our head massages especially since it contains herbs in addition to Coconut oil!

Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

I am quite glad that I found something Ayurvedic to add to my hair care routine. I enjoyed using this oil a lot and it made me feel relaxed a lot. Brahmi is really good for the brain so I used it for my scalp and hair else the band has clearly mentioned that this oil is cut out for use on the body too. The herbs in this one are nourishing to the skin and after seeing the ingredient list, I am so glad that this product is free from added color, fragrance, preservatives etc. If you are into hair and body massage, you will enjoy using this product!

Have you tried the Ramtirth Brahmi Oil? Which is your favorite hair oil?

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  2. Just got my bottle and it was a light color green with some black stuff at the bottom of my bottle is that okay? I put it in warm water it’s a dark green oil now but I just want to make sure there is nothing wrong

  3. I have had smoothening done to my hair but I use this oil for a good head massage and believe me its d best hair oil I have used till now. Was used by my mom n after i recovered from jaundice i lost almost half of my hair when i was in school. But thanks to dis wonderful hairoil i got bk my entire volume and thickness of my hair with this oil. Till date I use it n I dont need any other haie oil.