Real Techniques, The Body Shop, Missha and Nivea haul

The festive spirit has literally taken over me. We bought a little Christmas tree last week and have been drinking hot chocolate every night with all the lights off except the ones on the tree. It snowed a lot for two days and now snow has settled on the sidewalks, on tree leaves basically everywhere. I had been waiting for this since autumn! And I am so glad I am getting to enjoy this weather!

So alongwith the festive spirit of Christmas in terms of drinking Cocoa next to the Christmas tree (the only thing missing is a fireplace), I have also gotten crazy for shopping. There are so many good deals all around that I have no idea what to buy and what to leave. Anyway. Today I bought a few things I had been eyeing for a while.

shopping haul post

Jukjeon shopping haul – The Body Shop, Missha, Real Techniques and Nivea!

Jukjeon shopping haul:

  • The Body Shop Detangling comb
  • Missha Liquid Sharp eyeliner
  • Missha Crystal nail polish
  • Nivea Fruity Shine – Cherry
  • Real Techniques Eye makeup brush set
  • Real Techniques Core makeup brush set

This Friday I left my Body Shop detangling comb in the bathroom after washing my hair in the morning and when I went to get it in the afternoon, it had bent badly. I tried to straighten it but it broke in two pieces! I’d had it for sometime so I knew it was time to change it anyway. So I got one again. This is my favorite wide-tooth comb (reviewed here)!

Today was the last day of Missha’s Christmas SALE (from 1st Dec to 15th) so I decided to buy a red glitter-y nail paint and a black liquid liner. I have bought almost everything from Missha in makeup! It is funny how I have gone from not-having-any-Missha-products to tried-everything-from-Missha in a mere 5 months.

I knew there perks of being a beauty blogger! (except for trying out products, rest of the perks are still elusive)

I had been dying to try the Real techniques brushes so I just got them. I do not shop online so I had to get them while they are still available in Korea. It took the store 3 months to restock these so I knew this might be my last chance. And am I glad I got these! I alread have a stippling brush, which I love, so I knew I would like them. Read the brush set details in my post here. Now I need the face brush set (in pink) which was out-of-stock in the store. And the brush sets i bought were also third from last.

Moving on.

One of the first makeup items I ever used was a black liquid eyeliner (I think from Blue Heaven). And that was the only makeup item I wore (on special occasions) for the next 3 years. Then I got the Nivea lips Shine Strawberry and then Cherry flavours. I wore them with a lot of proud, tinted lip balms were unheard of in India back then (I think 2001). Then I outgrew them! When I saw these yesterday, I got all nostalgic (plus these was some 30% discount) so I decided to give them a go again! So that is how I ended up with all of these products. I know I do not need to tell the whole story but this is just how I roll (lol).

What are you doing in the holiday season? What did you buy recently? Have you tried the Real techniques makeup brushes?

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