Real Techniques Eyes starter AND Base Core collection brush sets

I have been following Pixiwoo sisters – Samantha Chapman and Nicola Haste (Sam & Nic) since the mid of 2010  (mainly their YouTube channels Pixiwoo and Pixiwoomadness. Both of these women are nothing short of amazing! They are awesome makeup artists, intelligent business women, mothers etc. and they do everything wish such ease that I really look up to them as my role models not only in makeup but as a woman. When Real Techniques makeup brushes were released, I wanted to get my hands on them immediately but I couldn’t.

At that time Nic was pregnant and Sam released the brushes under her name. Come 2014 Nic is also getting involved! I am super excited and would love to see what Nic adds to the already amazing Real Techniques brushes. But for that I first needed to buy the already released makeup brushes. So today, I went to the only place in Seoul, Korea I saw these on display, the emart at Jukjeon. I bought both the Your Eyes/enhanced starter set and the Your Base/Flawless Core Collection.

real techniques by Samantha Chapman eco-friendly makeup brushes

Real Techniques Eye Starter Makeup brush set

Brush Set for eyes:

  • Base Shadow brush
  • Deluxe crease brush
  • Accent Brush (spotlighting, highlighting, smudging)
  • Pixel-point Eyeliner brush
  • Brow brush
real technique brushes

Real techniques Core Collection Brush set

Brush Set for Base:

  • Detailer Brush (concealer/lipstick)
  • Pointed Foundation brush
  • Buffing brush (powder/mineral foundation)
  • Contour brush (highlight/contour brush)

I really like how different these look from the MAC, Sigma and other popular brush sets. The color codes – gold for face brushes, purple for eye brushes etc, is really good. Also these are eco-friendly. In fact as far as I can recall the Pixiwoo sisters are against animal testing for makeup and do not use brands that test their products on animals or contain things derived from animals! So of course Real techniques brushes are made from soft synthetic fibers, like Eco-Tools (Real Techniques was produced in collaboration with Eco tools)!

I am yet to apply my makeup with these brushes but I am already loving them. The brushes are super soft, good quality, good size and the packaging is really smart if you count in the case that doubles as a brush stand!

I have been using Real Techniques stippling brush to apply cream blush for over 4 months and loving it so I am sure I am going to love these brushes equally well. I have washed my brush plenty of times and it has not shed or deteriorated in any way – a sign of good quality!

Check out the real techniques brushes on their website.

I would highly recommend someone new to makeup, looking to build their makeup and brush collection start with Real Techniques makeup brushes.


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