Review – Banila Co. Eye Love Deep Black Style Eyeliner Pencil

I mentioned this product only in my Banila Co. Shopping haul post and that reason will be clear once you read this review. I have used this plenty of times to have my opinion perfectly formed. So without much delay and blabber let me just tell you how the Banila Co. Deep Black eyeliner worked for me.

Banila co black eyeliner

Banila Co. Style Eyeliner Pencil

Product: Banila Co. Deep Black Eyeliner Pencil

Claim: Waterproof, smudge-proof, easy drawing, super long wearing eyeliner.

Price: 14000 KRW (14$)

I can understand if I get sucked in by packaging, of course it means that I bought the product for the packaging and not for the quality of the product so my expectations are not that high. But when I buy something because I am impressed by how it works or at least by looking at the swatches, I have higher expectations. I got this Deep Black eyeliner because it was the deepest black pencil liner I had ever seen!

banila co black eyeliner swatches

Banila Co. Deep Black Style Eyeliner SWATCH (left)

In fact when I went to the Banila Co. store, I was so impressed by the pigmentation and the color payoff, I paid 14$ for this eyeliner despite having a really good experience with The Face Shop and Etude House eyeliners that cost half as much. This eyeliner is the blackest black in gel liner pencils I have ever seen and applies like a dream (even better than a gel liner because this is in pencil form). But these are pretty much the only positive points for this eyeliner for me.

It smudges, transfers and never really sets. I have oily eyelids but it did the same on my hands and waterline too. Of course I took to the internet to see if anyone else was facing this problem because it seemed odd to have such a bad experience with a relatively expensive eyeliner. And I did see people complaining about the same things. Plus this is not an auto pencil.

black eyeliner review

Banila Co. Deep Black Eyeliner

Another strange thing is that despite transferring, it does stay put for quite some time (long-lasting). So if I line my eyes with this, it transfers to the top part of my eyelid (hooded eye problems) and if I apply it to my waterline, it keeps coming down to make my dark circles look murkier 🙁

Rating: 2.5/5

Recommend: No

Repurchase: No

I think The Face Shop makes nice Make Me Star and other gel liner pencils, Etude House also makes awesome Proof 10 eyeliners and Clio Professional Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liners also work well! These are the three Korean brands whose pencil eyeliners I have enjoyed using. Banila Co. Deep Black turned out to be a big disappointment. I would have rather gotten something else. My bad experience with this product has stopped me from trying more Banila Co. products. Before buying and using this product, I was really interested in their Urban Decay and Benefit Cosmetics style Eyeshadow palettes but now I am too skeptical. Plus this is not the most affordable brand in Korea!

Have you tried Banila Co. products? Which is your favorite pencil gel liner?

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  1. Meishenme says:

    I tried a lipt tint and I was really pleased with the result , even though I wanted try more products I didn’t because of the comments :))
    Thank you for your halpful review~

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