Review: Cottage Strawberry & Mint Revitalizing Shower Gel

I love using bath and body products. I am more into bath products than I am in skincare and makeup. And the simple reason behind that is that I think bath products can be rotated frequently without much damage to the skin but too much variety in skincare (specifically face) can confuse the skin and create problems. I may be wrong but that is still my reason to try loads of shower gels, body washes, body butter, body lotions etc. Today I am reviewing the Cottage Strawberry & Mint Revitalizing Shower Gel.

cottage shower gel

Cottage Strawberry & Mint Shower Gel

Product: Cottage Strawberry & Mint Revitalizing Shower Gel

Claim: Enjoy the rare pleasure of a Cottage Shower Milk enriched with natural extracts of strawberry and mint. Its creamy foam and fresh, gourmet fragrance will leave your skin feeling softer, more supple and delicately scented.

Quantity: 250 ml (8.5 fl. oz.)

Price: 6300 KRW (~ 6$)

I came across the Cottage bath and body products in South Korea. They sell in Olive Young stores. The “Paraben-free” label on the packaging intrigued me as did some interesting plant ad flower flavours in the bath products. I tried the Cottage Vanilla Exfoliating Shower first and after using and liking that, I decided to try out more from their line.

I got the Cottage Strawberry and Mint Shower Gel because I expected it to smell like Strawberry Mojito. I like that drink and it is quite a unique scent in shower gels, or at least I had not seen that. I got it right away since there were no samples around (as is the case with bath products). Let me be frank and say it didn’t work for me. The scents if dissected, will work well but they did not combine well in this shower gel.

The shower gel is pink in color (has added color in ingredients) and it is really creamy. It lathered well (contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate). The sad thing is that the Strawberry and Peppermint extracts come way down the ingredient list. So basically it is a pretty average shower gel which I can compare to its affordable (but good drugstore counterparts) Dove, Olay, Lux etc.

Rating: 2.5/5

Recommend: No

Repurchase: No

I have also reviewed the Vanilla Shower Scrub from this bath range, read my review.

I would have liked this shower gel better if it had at least smelled good. I mind added color in skin care products (makeup is ok) but since this product is not going to be in contact with the skin for long like a body lotion etc. and will be washed away, I overlook it. I still have a few more Cottage Shower gels to try so I am not sure if I will like them since they are only different in the scent and color but I will review them later. As of now, I did not enjoy using this product 🙁 The scent was not as refreshing as Mint and strawberry are expected to be!

Have you tried Cottage Shower gels? Which is your favorite bath company?

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