Review: Etude House Color Lips-fit lipsticks Spring 2014 collection

Etude House Color Lips-Fit lipsticks Spring 2014 collection (Review)

Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing the Etude House Color Lips-fit lipsticks from Spring 2014 collection. I bought them 3 days ago and have been trying them out to do a review. I usually wait for a week or more to use the things thoroughly before doing a review but I got a few requests, so here it is!

Check out my comprehensive post on the Etude House Color Lips-fit full range of lipsticks swatches, names and details in my post here. Or check out my haul post where I show the swatches and details of the lipsticks I bought from this collection. Check out the video I filmed in the Etude House store:

Product: Etude House Color Lips-fit lipsticks

Claim: This is a revolutionary liquid type lipstick that moistly glides onto lips with its vivid color and finishes off with a weightless powdery texture.

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  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Apply smoothly with tip. Lightly dab onto center of the lips for gradation. Delicately apply for full color.
  3. Apply a layer of Color Lips-fit WH901 after color for moist gloss.

I started taking my responsibilities as a beauty blogger recently. I was doing things for my own entertainment last year. But starting 2014 I have been more diligent in taking good photos, giving details of products, reviewing things in depth and making YouTube videos. So when I came to know that Etude House is launching their Spring 2014 makeup collection (a part of it actually) on 29th of January, I thought of covering it like a professional! (You can watch my video, linked above).

I filmed a couple of videos in the Etude House store and then bought a few shades to try out and review. I got three shades: PK002 Silhouette Fit Pink, PK003 Fantasy Fit Pink, RD301 Perfect Fit Red. I have been doing different things in past 3 days to find out as much about these lipsticks as I can. And here are my thoughts:


Packaging: Simple and elegant.

etude house liquid lipsticks

Etude House Color Lips-fit lipsticks haul

Etude House is known for their packaging and the Color Lips-fit lipsticks are simple and yet elegant designs. Since these are liquid lipsticks, they come with a small gloss-like applicator in a nail polish style plastic bottles. I like the cardboard packaging too. It is pink and girly.

Another thing I look for is knowing the color of the product form the packaging. The lower half of the bottle is clear plastic with white print on it so the shade of the lipstick is visible from the outside while the lid is opaque white for all the lipsticks.

Pigmentation – Impressive

Etude House lipstick shades and swatches

PK002 Silhouette Fit Pink, PK003 Fantasy Fit Pink, RD301 Perfect Fit Red

What you see is what you get (almost). The color in the packaging is the color you get on the lips. A couple of shades are not as accurate but all the three shades I have are 95% true to the packaging (good for a liquid formula)

Color Selection – Good (7 shades)

Etude House lipstick swatches

Etude House Color Lips-Fit lipstick swatches

I am not a huge fan of orange lipsticks (as of now but you never know, I never wore red until my wedding and now….) Anyway. I love the PK002 and RD301 shades I got. They look good on me. Pk003 is too light for my skintone but suits Sulli so much! If I already didn’t have so many lipsticks, I could have gotten a couple more shades.

Consistency: Light-weight. Glossy when wet, Powder-y when dry.

These liquid lipsticks are very light-weight and are easy to apply on the lips. I am not a fan of the powder-y finish but since it is a first, I would give Etude House A+ on creating this unique product. The lipsticks do remain as pigmented wet as dry but of course get matte without the Petti & Top coat (WH901).

I would have preferred to have a wet formula but then it would not have been different. Change is good! Etude House is definitely pushing the boundaries in makeup products!

Staying Power: Regular (not long-lasting)

This is not a big issue for me since these are not claimed to be long-lasting. I like how these lipsticks look just after applying and upto 2 hours after that. THEN it gets a bit patchy for me. The powder (lipstick) rubs off in patches and this is not a cream lipstick that I can purse my lips to re-distribute. Reapplication is required (covered in the next point).

Reapplication and Build-ability: Buildable when freshly applied. (But not easy to distribute evenly on reapplication unless the old layer is wiped off or evened out)

The lipstick shades are quite opaque for liquid lipsticks and a couple of coats can make the lipsticks look a shade or two ‘darker’. But I think the build-ability works well when the lipstick is newly applied. After 2-3 hours, since it comes off in little powdery particles, it does not apply evenly on the lips unless I even out my lips with a tissue or remove the old layer completely.

Gradient: Total fail on ME (thanks to unevenly pigmentation of my lips)

It will work well for people with light pink lips but did not look good on me (you will find out in the video)!

Transfer: Yes!

I did not expect transfer once the lipstick dried off but it happens. And of course it happens when the lipstick is wet!

The Smell: Fruity Floral (?)

I am bad at defining scents but to my smelling senses, these lipsticks smell noticeably fruity floral (but not very strong)

Effect on the lips: Not very drying if used with the Petti & Top Coat (WH901) or lip balm.

I have a lot of dry spots on my lips and these lipsticks do not settle in lines or feather out or draw attention to the dry spots. However, they set in powder form so without a lip balm or the top coat, they do not work well for my dry lips. My lips didn’t exactly get cracked but they did not look very healthy and glossy after a couple of hours. Be prepared to apply gloss/top coat/lip balm periodically through out the day!


  • Color selection
  • Light weight formula
  • Pigmentation
  • Packaging
  • Ease of application


  • Not long-lasting
  • Powder-y finish makes lips look dull without the top coat
  • Reapplication is a minor chore in itself

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

I am not associated with Etude House or any brand. I bought the products from my own money, went and filmed the video out of genuine interest!

I have tried to do justice to the lipsticks and done a review from all angles possible. Let me know if you need any more details or if I missed anything. I will keep on using these for a few more days to see if my opinion changes. If you have also tried the Etude House Color Lips-fit lipsticks, let me know what you think!