Review: Etude House Milk Talk Strawberry Body Wash

I am a little late to post my review on this product but since it is still available online and in stores, I thought it might still be helpful to people who want to try it out. The Milk Talk body wash line came in 5 flavors: Strawberry Milk, Banana Milk, Chocolate Milk, Steamed Milk, Apple Milk. And each milk talk body wash flavor has a similar themed body sponge. I got the Etude House Strawberry Milk Talk body wash with the Strawberry Sponge. Here is a review of the body wash!

etude house body wash

Etude House Strawberry Milk Talk

Product:Etude House Milk Talk Strawberry Body Wash

Claim: Moisturizing Body Washes with Strawberry Milk Fragrances and Shower Sponges for enjoyable cleansing.

Quantity: 200 ml

Price: 5500 KRW

I might the weirdest person on this planet! I do not like sweet scents in perfumes, but I like it in body washes and body oils! I bought the Etude House Strawberry Milk Talk body wash without even sniffing it in the store. I like Strawberry scents (even though I am not a huge fan of Strawberry ice-cream).

I have been using it for a while and I think it is an average body wash. It lathers up really well especially with the body sponge that came with this body wash. Etude House were actually promoting this with cute sponges. Each body wash had a specific body sponge and this one came with a strawberry sponge (which cost an additional 2000 KRW).

The Milk Talk body washes lather up really well with sponges/bath lilies and a little bit goes a long way. The packaging is basic but cute and I really like consistency of these body washes and the soft squeezable plastic bottle they come in since I can get to the last drop of the body wash easily (a problem I face with The Body Shop shower gels).

Rating: 3.75/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: Yes

I like sweet scents so the Strawberry milkshake type fragrance of this product did not bother me. It does not smell artificial to me but I do think it is not an authentic Strawberry scent that’s why I labeled it as a milkshake scent! I like how it smells when I shower because I do not always go for perfumed things in skincare and body products. The scent is not long-lasting and that is probably why I do not mind the sweet scent! If you like sweet scents, this might be for you but if you don’t, I’d suggest you stay away from this body wash and all the others from the line!

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