Review: Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream [Updated]

Makeup works in weird ways. There are things that everyone is raving about and those end up not impressing me at all and things I really like and I see no one talking about them and then there are things where I see eye to eye with others! Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream is one such product. It was the first Korean makeup item I bought and I have reviewed it before. Read it here. A year on and I can safely say that I have ‘tested’ it thoroughly. There are few new points I need to give today plus I know I was a new blogger still finding my voice last year and writing only for myself then so I hope this review is more professional and detailed 🙂

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etude house honey beige bb cream shade

Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit Bb Cream – Honey Beige

Product: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream (W24 Honey Beige)

Claim: BB Cream formulated with Pearl Powder with an improved adhesive texture to promote moist, radiant looking skin while protecting against UV damage and wrinkles.
Zero Oil! Coverage Up! Long lasting! Keep your dazzling looking skin all day like a precious pearl. [Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Darkening]

Quantity: 60 g

Price: 14000 KRW (according to the Etude House Korean website)

The first problem I had with this product is that despite being color matched, I got W24 Honey Beige. I have used this BB cream long enough to know it is a tad bit dark for me or maybe that I am now accustomed to shades lighter than my skintone. I should have been given W13 Natural Beige which has always worked best for me in Korean makeup products give or take a few. I might be in between Natural Beige and Honey beige too (I am NC35). I got this at Duty Free at the Incheon airport and paid more than what I should have! It costs 14000 Korean Won and as far as I remember (since the prices at the Incheon airport are in US dollars) I paid 16000 KRW. I think it was because of the conversion rate! Anyhow onto the next point.

Etude House have come with new range of BB creams in the Precious Mineral line – Precious Mineral Cotton Fit and the newly launched Precious Mineral Blooming Fit (released in April 2014). The Cotton fit is targeted towards oily skin but seriously I think even the Bright Fit BB cream works for normal to oily skin better.

The Color Range in the Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB cream is not extensive. There are 4 shades:

  • Light Beige (NO2)
  • Natural Beige(W13)
  • Honey Beige (W24)
  • Sand Beige (W15)

The Precious Mineral Cotton Fit and Blooming Fit (new range) BB creams comes in 3 shades:

  • Light Beige (NO2)
  • Natural Beige (W13)
  • Honey Beige (W24)

I have used this over seasons and my skin has been normal to dry to very dry depending upon the weather but this has never satisfied me with the results in terms of how my skin felt in the dry areas. It accentuated my dry patches. People with dry skin should go for more moisturizing, dewy-finish moisturizing face products but I think this one gives a satin finish.

etude house precious mineral

Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB cream Review, FOTD (Without Flash)

korean makeup review

Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB cream (With flash)

I am, however, quite impressed with the coverage of this BB cream. The only two BB creams I have liked for coverage and other functions till now are Missha M Sheer perfect Cover BB cream and Skin 79 Beblesh Balm (Pink). It works like a foundation but feels like a BB cream!

The lasting power is good but it does fade during the day. Setting up with a powder might be a good idea especially if you have oily skin. Since this has the coverage of a foundation, I do not think it is buildable at least on me as it looks too made up on my face if I apply more than a layer (which I do not recommend doing anyway).

I am fully aware that Etude House has targeted its products mainly to the youngsters but I should mention that this BB cream does settle into the fine lines. I have under eye circles and if I apply this under my eyes, I see it settling in the fine lines within an hour or so even if I set it with powder, so use concealer only!

Rating: 3.25/5

Recommend: Yes (if you have normal to oily skin)

Repurchase: No

I think my review has remained practically the same. I am sure the result could have been slightly better if I was happy with the color I was matched with but I am not going to shell out 15$ for a new shade with the formula that does not work for me. Etude House does have some makeup products that I really like but their face make products like foundations, BB creams, powders etc. work better for oily skin (normal to oily skin) for the most part. I have tried their CC cream, Skin-fit foundation, cushion base (Magic Any Cushion) and this BB cream and nothing has really wowed me yet. I see a lot of people going crazy about this product so I am sure it is a good product but just did not meet my expectations.

Have you tried the Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB cream? Which is your favorite BB cream ever?


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