Review: Etude House Sunshine in Spoon Scrub Massage Oil Gel (Coconut)

I am very choosy in skincare products so despite being an Etude House makeup junkie, I had not tried too many of their skin care items. I had seen the “Sunshine in Spoon” range of products by the Etude House but never thought of looking into them seriously until one day when I got bored. There are sleeping packs, massage creams, massage scrubs in this line (as far as I remember) and I got their Sunshine in Spoon Scrub Massage Oil Gel  see the haul post. I chose the coconut flavor (the other choice is Walnut). Here are my thoughts on this product:

etude house skincare and body product review

Etude House Sunshine in Spoon Scrub Massage Oil Gel

Product: Etude House Sunshine in Spoon Scrub Massage Oil Gel – Coconut

Claim: This richly moist oil gel textured wash-off pack delivers a moist and smooth massage with its coconut oil and provides skin with rich vitamins with its white vitamin capsules.


  1. Dry face after cleansing and dispense certain amount.
  2. Evenly apply onto face in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes with fingertips
  3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Recommended Use: Twice a week

Quantity: 7 ml *2

This beauty product is the strangest skin care item I have ever used. Massage – Scrub – Oil – Gel! These 4 things do not always occur in the same category for me. I have used massage scrubs, massage creams, massage gels and massage oils but that’s where it ended. This product widened my horizon haha! Moving on…

Consistency: The gel feels a lot like solidified coconut oil.

Smell: Coconut cookie (Sweetend coconut)

Scrub particles: Few and far between.

Color: Translucent White (like solidified coconut oil)

I do not think this massage scrub gel oil gives a deeper scrub. The scrub particles are fine and not abrasive but they are too few in the gel to take out blackheads and dirt. However, I also think that since we are supposed to massage this for 2-3 minutes on the skin, too many scrub particles can be bad for the skin. I am confused about this but I definitely think the scrubbing is minimal.

I like the sweet coconut scent of this oil gel. I love all things coconut so it is just my thing.

The texture is very much like solidified coconut oil or a cleansing balm. It warms up and feels more like an oil (exactly like my Banila Co. Clean it Zero cleansing balm!). I like the consistency. It is easy to handle and the quantity is more than enough to use on the face. I usually spread this on my neck too!

Since there are 2 joint sachets, I used both over the course of the week, as recommended. And even though I do not see any considerable difference in my skin, I liked massaging the gel on my face. It did feel smoother immediately after washing my face but the next morning when I woke up, there was nothing noticeable. Even after the second use, I think it worked well as a mild scrub and a normal cream massage.

Rating: 3.25/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: Maybe

I do not consider this as an absolute must have in my skincare regime. And since I have dry skin, I scrub my face not more than twice a week. So I basically replaced my scrub with this massage scrub oil gel. This can be a good option for travelling but otherwise I am not sure if I would need this since I already have a good scrub (The Face Shop Black Sugar scrub) which comes in a big tube (hence is more economical)!

Have you tried any of the Etude House Sunshine in spoon products? What is your favorite Etude House makeup or beauty product?

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