Review: The Face Shop Face it Nail Pack – Paraffin Nutrition

Product: The Face Shop Face it Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack

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The Face Shop Paraffin Nutrition Nail Mask

Claim: An easy to use fingernail care pack that provides concentrated care on the fingernail and cuticle.

Details: The Face Shop international (English)  website: [Go to Products -> Makeup -> Nails (Page 2)]

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The Face Shop Face it Nail Packs

The Face Shop Face it Nail Pack line comes in three forms:

  1. Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack
  2. Lemon Brightening Nail Pack
  3. Milk Calcium Nail Pack


  • Just by putting on your fingers this nail mask provides concentrated care on your nails, something that you can now do anywhere at anytime.
  • 3 different nail care products depending on your nail concern. Whether it is for brittle nails or dry nails etc. you can choose the product that is just right for you!

How To Use:

  1. After washing your hands, take out the nail mask caps from the dual pouch and put the biggest sheet on your left thumb and the other 4 sheets on the rest of your fingers.
  2. Open the other pouch and do the same with the fingers of your other hand.
  3. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and massage the remaining product into fingers.

My Experience: On the packaging, the nail caps look like they will only be big enough to cover the nail and cuticles (upper 1/3 of the finger) but they actually cover both of the knuckles too. I like the length of the nail caps since my knuckles do get a bit dry so having the nail pack moisturize the dry parts of my fingers is good! And the fit of the nail packs is far better than that of the hand gloves (masks) so it moisturizes the nails and cuticles better.

I really liked the Milk Calcium Nail Pack by The Face Shop and that was the sole reason I bought this nail pack!

It smells like a normal drugstore lotion/body wash (like Dove) and the nail packs are made of the same material as the face masksheets!

I applied this at night before going to sleep and kept it for 15 minutes. Since I went to sleep immediately after that, I only noticed the effect in the morning.

My hands were not any more moisturized than what they are when I apply a hand cream so I guess this one was not that special!

Rating: 2.5/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: No

I think Nail packs are good for people with really dry nails and cuticles or for travel (maybe?) I also do not think that these are necessary or practical for everyday use (expensive that way) but may be for special occasions (or travel), these might work well! Out of the three, I am yet to use the Lemon Brightening Nail pack but I will recommend the Milk Calcium nail Pack over the Paraffin Nutrition nail pack!

Have you tried The Face Shop masks? How do you take care of the dryness of hands and nails?

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