Review: The Face Shop Fruit Bowl Apple hand cream

A few months ago I picked up The Face Shop Fruit Bowl Hand creams in Lemon and Apple in a 1+1 offer. I just got it for the packaging and also because I am a hand cream junkie and need to try ever single hand cream in the market! There are actually three “flavours” in this line of hand creams – Lemon, Apple and Blueberry and yes I have all of them. But today I am going to review The Face Shop Fruit Bowl Apple hand cream.

the face shop hand cream review

The Face Shop Fruit Bowl Apple hand cream

Product: The Face Shop Fruit Bowl Apple hand cream


  • Wraps your hand with protective film without any stickiness. Long-lasting hydration
  • Subtle fruity scent.
  • Contains Apple Extract, Shea Butter, Coconut Butter, Mango Butter
  • Rich in vitamins, prevents aging.

How to use: Apply a small amount to hands, and massage into hands until fully absorbed. Re-apply as required throughout the day.

Quantity: 30 ml

Price: 4900KRW

I must admit that I prefer hand creams in squeeze tube form and I always have the portability factor in mind. But when I got this hand cream, it was purely for the packaging. It looked like a cute apple and smelled nice very close to the warm apple scent (like in apple pie or something). Ok so now let’s move on to my experience with the hand cream.

apple hand cream

Fruit Bowl hand cream – Apple

The packaging is really cute and since this a perfumed hand cream, it smells nice. The scent is changing (not in a good way) on me after a few minutes but that might just be how the fragrance in this hand cream reacts to my body, it may not happen to others. The texture of the hand cream is good and it is light-weight. It is relatively fast absorbing and I really like having non-sticky hand creams in my hand bag to use through the day while I do not mind sticky and heavy hand creams for night time use.

For an everyday makeup bag to be carried in the purse, this might be a bit bulky since it contains only 30ml of the product but has more volume and surface area (I am totally being weird here). And because of the tub form, some people may not think it is very hygienic. In The Face Shop Fruit Bowl hand cream line, this is the smallest packaging, the Lemon hand cream is bulkier than this one.

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: Maybe

And as usual, I am going to rant about the parabens and added fragrance. I know I bought this hand cream knowing it has added fragrance but those are not the best things in skincare. For less than 5$, I think it is a good product and it works well. It may not be the most moisturizing hand cream out there but its light texture, it is nice and works well. I may not repurchase this because I want to try out more hand creams. I totally love the fact that I got two of the Fruit Bowl hand creams in 1+1 offer. So this one actually just cost me less than 2.5$. I have also reviewed The Face Shop Fruit Bowl Lemon Hand cream, read here.

Have you tried The Face Shop Fruit Bowl Hand creams? Which is your favorite hand cream ever?

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