Review: The Face Shop Hyaluronic Acid Essential Masksheet

The Face Shop have a range of masksheets in the Essential range – Collagen, CO-Q10, Pearl and Hyaluronic Acid. Today I am here to review the Hyaluronic Acid Essential masksheet!

the face shop hyaluronic acid essentials mask sheet

The Face Shop Essentials Mask Sheet – Hyaluronic Acid

Product: The Face Shop Essential Masksheet Hyaluronic Acid

Claim: An extra moisturizing mask sheet for smooth and light absorption and intensive efficacy of hyaluronic acid.


  1. Pull out a sheet.
  2. Unfold and place it on the face.
  3. Remove after 15-20 minutes and let the residue absorb into skin.

Quantity: 20 ml

Price: 1000 KRW (~ 1$)

The Face Shop Essential Hyaluronic Acid mask sheet is a white cotton masksheet soaked in essence containing Sodium Hyaluronate (Sodium salt of Hyaluronic Acid) in addition Grapefruit extract, Algae extract. This masksheet contains added alcohol and fragrance, but is paraben-free.

As per my experience with The Face Shop masksheets, the mask sheets from the Essential range are thicker and the essence more dense than the Real Nature masks. I also felt that the Key ingredient (Hyaluronic Acid in this case) is listed far behind in the ingredient list (9th) while the Key ingredient is 3rd or 4th in line in Real Nature masks. These are two of the main reasons I prefer Real Nature masks over Essential masksheets.

I have developed dry patches around my mouth and eyebrows, so while using this masksheet I paid special attention to these areas. I was not expecting a miracle in one use but I hoped for some respite from dryness for more than a few hours. Sadly I was disappointed. I used this yesterday before going to bed as the last step of skincare and removed it after about 20 minutes. I was not too fond of the chemical-ly smell of the mask sheet but liked how soft my skin felt after the essence was absorbed in my skin. However, I woke with no visible change in the dry spots on my face.

Rating: 3/5

Recommend: Maybe. The Face Shop Essential masksheets are an affordable means to treat skin.

Repurchase: Maybe. Hyaluronic Acid is really good for maintaining the elasticity of the skin but I will still opt out of repurchasing it because I prefer my skincare products without alcohol and added fragrance. This one felt nice when I applied it and also after removing but did not give any visible results!

Have you tried The Face Shop Essential Hyaluronic Acid masksheet? Which is your favorite mask ever?

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