Review: The Face Shop Kelp Real Nature mask

Product: The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Kelp

Claim: A purifying mask sheet that contains kelp extracts helps enable a pure skin appearance.

the face shop mask sheet

The Face Shop Kelp Real Nature mask

Quantity: 25 ml

Price: 1000 KRW


  1. Wash face and apply toner.
  2. Pull out the mask and carefully place it on the face.
  3. Remove after 10-12 minutes and tap lightly to absorb the remaining essence into the skin.

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It is that time of the month for me (TMI?) and my skin is a little sensitive and there a few tiny red bumps on my face. I wanted to calm and soothe my skin and since I have already used up my Aloe, Green tea and Cucumber face masks, I had the option between Lemon and Kelp. I chose Kelp!

This is supposed to be a purifying mask sheet so I expected it to calm the red spots and also hydrate my skin as it was feeling very itchy. And it is really strange that for the past few months (since I started getting this problem) it happens on the right side of my face only. I have many theories but still it seems strange to me. I am trying to drink more water and it helps but I cannot eliminate it completely (any suggestions?)

When I applied the mask, it seemed soothing and cooling just like all The Face Shop masks do. It smelt a little but not very strong or gross so all is well. I kept it on for 17 minutes (yes I keep a tab on time) and then slept. When I woke up in the morning, the biggest spot had calmed down!

Key points: 

1. The fragrance is listed last in the ingredients list and I do think the mask is not heavily perfumed which is always a plus in my eyes for skincare products.

2. The other good thing is that Kelp extract (Laminara Japonica extract) is third in the Ingredient list (after Aqua and Glycerin). This makes the Kelp the key ingredient!

Other important ingredients: Phaseolus Radiatus Extract (Mung bean), Betula Platyphylla Japonica Bark Extract (Japanese White Birch), Rumex Crispus Root extract (Curly/yellow dock)

My only complaint is that these masks contain parabens and added fragrance! I would have liked the paraben-free and fragrance-free version of these!

Rating: 3.75/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: Maybe

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  1. Niha says:

    Hey ritu talking about these small bumps that are troubling u since long time and making ur skin sensitive..try diluted apple cider vingar(1:1) on clean face,avoiding eye area..leave it for half an hour and then rinse it with plain water..i keep it whole night but mine is an oily skin n yours is dry skin i so u should rinse it & follow up with a soothing moisturiser..
    And the best face mask that i have tried when i face such skin issues is a mixture of neem powder,mint/pudina powder,white sandalwood powder,little bit of bridal turmeric(the dark yellow one wch is used for beauty purpose) & aloe/cucumber juice…i apply it in a slightly thick consistency all over my face & neck n leave it on for a good 20mins n wash it off with plain water…it makes my skin feel so clean,purified,calmed,glowing,soothed & it balances the moisture level of my skin as well..& its chemical free & paraben free 😀
    So do pick these up on your next trip to india 🙂

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