Review: The Face Shop Mini Pet Sweet hand cream #04

Before I start the review, let me first admit that I took offense when I read the claim on The Face Shop website. Targeted age group 18-23? Hello, what about people who don’t want to grow up and want to have cute things.
Will I be punished for carrying a cute hand cream in my late 20’s?
What if I want to continue using such things in my 50’s and 70’s?

No doubt there is so much stigma associated to ageing. The press claims that ‘adults’ should not have cute girly things. What about the child in me? haha. Anyway. I am not going to listen to the world. I will use the pink-est, girl-iest things even when I am in my 60s! Let’s review the hand cream now!

the face shop hand cream

The Face Shop Mini Pet Sweet Hand Cream

Product: The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream 04 Sweet (Labelled Fruity Floral on their English website:

Claim: (from The Face Shop international website)

  • A cute and lovable design
  • Cute characters that you can only find in Lovely Me:ex
  • Compact size to be able to carry anywhere
  • Perfumed hand cream targeting those in their 18~23
  • Used fragrances most popular with people in their 18~23
  • High moisture! Zero stickiness! Excellent absorbance!
  • Light texture but contains high moisture, high nutrition that cares for hands keeping them soft and silky

Quantity: 30ml

Price: 4900

I bought this hand cream purely for the packaging. I only imagined how cool (or uncool?) it would when I take this out of my handbag and apply this hand cream (people would swoon? haha). And since no one would actually care, I picked it up to bring a smile to my face. It’s adorable! Plus this was the first cute hand cream I ever bought (now I have an army of hand creams, and many of them are CUTE!)

Since I bought it for packaging, I am not surprised that I didn’t pay much attention to the actual effect of the cream on my hands. A week before I thought I would run out of this, I started paying attention to do a review on this blog. Oops!

It is a fairly moisturizing hand cream, nothing special and since it is a perfumed hand cream, it has a very pronounced scent that lingers for half an hour or more on the hands. On moisturizing level, I’ll say it’s pretty average.

This hand cream does contain – Alcohol, fragrance and parabens – all things I do not prefer in my skincare products. Anyway, we are still on the packaging, right?

Rating: 3.25/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: Maybe

I believe the packaging is a bit big for the 30ml packed into it. It is also not something that I can fit into my makeup bag for my handbag (I have a slim pouch). But it is cute, smells nice, looks good on the vanity or anywhere basically and moisturizes hands. What more can we ask from a hand cream? I will try the other scents in this line (there are 3 more)!

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