Review: Innisfree Rose Clear Skin (Toner)

Innisfree Rose Clear Skin (Toner) Review

Until February 2014, I had technically not used a toner in 5 years! I used to use Rose water occasionally but I always thought Toner was unnecessary for my dry skin. I thought toners worked better for oily skin. And I stand corrected. After using the Innisfree Rose Clear Skin (toner) I now know that it helps close the pores and maintain the pH balance of the skin. Of course for dry skin one should opt for non-alcoholic toners. And this one from Innisfree does not have any alcohols. Let’s see how it is working for my skin!

rose water toner by innisfree

Innisfree Rose Clear Skin

Product: Innisfree Rose Clear Skin (with Rose & Green Complex)

Claim: Enriched with rose water to refine coarse and dull skin leaving skin sleek and vibrant.

Quantity: 250 ml

Price: 9500 KRW (~ 9.5 USD) | Buy Online

At this price, the Innisfree Rose Clear skins is the most afforable toners from their skincare range. It comes in a clear plastic bottle with silver metal twist open cap. All the details are mentioned on the cream sticker plastered all over the bottle. I am not too much into Rosy scents and rose based skincare products except Rose water so I opted for this toner. The sale going on at the time was 20-50% and I got this at a 20% discount I think. I really like the subtle (not-in-your-face) rose scent of the toner.

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The consistency is just like a normal rose water and it is also a clear liquid. The quantity is so big, I doubt I will be able to finish it anytime soon!

Since I have not used a toner for a long time before using this one, I do not have a frame of reference but I know what the basic functionality of the toner is and how well this matches up to it!

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So first things first, it does not dry out my skin. I have used 3 different face creams in the past 2 1/2 months while using the same toner and I have not noticed any drying or breaking out my skin. My skin gets a little sensitive to excessive alcohol content and it has not happened with this one so I think this is quite mild and nurturing to the skin.

I do not have to use a lot and my skin feels refreshed after using it. I have used this a little on my makeup brush to apply some powder makeup as liquid and it worked well like that too.

However, I do not see any visible improvement in the quality or looks of my skin other than the effects mentioned above. My pores have not shrunk either; not that this claims to do it but just thought of mentioning it!

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So all in all it is pretty average in results but a lot better than alcohol-based toners out there in the market! I like the simple packaging as well, no tam-jham (show-off)

Rating: 4.25/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

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I have really enjoyed using this over the past two months. When I first got this toner, I was not sure I would like it as much or that I would use it regularly but I am glad I did. I sometimes skip using this at night but I always use this after taking a shower in the morning to close the pores.

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Have you tried Innisfree Rose Clear Skin? Which is your favorite toner right now? Comment below!


  1. Patricia says:

    I have dry skin too & I never used a toner in my life! 😛 But this one sounds great, so I should try it~ ^^ Thanks for the review! 😀

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