Review: Missha Love Secret Hand Cream Lemon Grass (Sydney)

I have already reviewed the Missha Love Secret Peony Rose hand cream (now Love Secret in Paris). I had bought the Love Secret Lemon Grass hand cream on the same day and have been using it in the day while using the Peony Rose one at night. I like this hand cream more than the Peony Rose hand cream.

Missha love secret in sydney

Missha Love Secret Lemon Grass Hand cream

Product: Missha Love Secret Hand Cream – Lemon Grass (Love Secret in Sydney)

Quantity: 27 ml

Price: 3000 KRW

The fresh citrus scent of Lemon Grass is my favorite! I love this hand cream more than the Peony Rose hand cream because not only does it have the consistency and moisturisation effect in a light-weight formula but also because it is fresh smelling and perks me up!

I used to love the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume for the same reason (I still love it!)

Such citrus scents are so refreshing! I love sniffing it during the day whenever I am feeling sleepy or dull. That is the sole reason I kept this for daytime! I always keep this in my purse.

Love Secret hand creams have been re-packaged in ‘World cities’ themed hand creams so the new hand cream labels (and the corresponding old names) are:

Love Secret in Vienna(Cherry Blossom)

Love Secret in Paris (Peony Rose)

Love Secret in Rome(Green Grape)

Love Secret in London (Cotton White)

Love Secret in Sydney (Lemon grass)

Love Secret hand cream in Lemon grass which is now Love Secret in Sydney is the best smelling hand cream od the 5 (I have now tested all 5) while the rest of the effects from all of these creams are the same! They are light-weight, moisturizing, travel-friendly and the packaging is beautiful (yet simple)!

Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: YES!

Have you tried the Missha Love Secret hand creams? What are your favorite Missha products?

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