Review: Missha The Style Crystal Nail Polish – Blood Sand (+NOTD)

Holiday Nails

For the holidays, I got Missha’s The Style Crystal Nail Polish in Blood Sand. I applied it yesterday on my nails and I now have an opinion about it! So I thought of doing a review of the crystal nail polish!

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Product: Missha The Style Crystal Nail Polish – Blood Sand

missha crystal nail polish review
Missha The Style crystal Nail Polish – Blood red

Color Description: Blood Sand – luxurious dark red color with glittering red pearls

Claim: Use the sand nail polish for a super unique look! The one-touch, flat brush makes applying nail polish easy.

Details: Contains Glass Beads from Germany to get a three-dimensional sand-like texture. Jewelry Powder Complex (Diamond, Platinum, Amethyst, Pearl, and Jade Powders) nourishes, protects, and gives nails a glittered, matte finish.

I picked up this shade at a Missha Sale that went on from the beginning of December till 15th. There was another sale after 15th but I did not buy any nail paint then. Due to the sale, many of the nail paints were out of stock. I originally wanted to try out the blue shade but due to the holidays decided to go for the more apt red shade. I did not try it on my nail.

The packaging is cute with a curved heart shaped glass bottle with a metallic red lid. It holds a lot of product.

The brush is quite wide and I like it a lot. It is similar to what The Face Shop Wide nails nail polishes have. It covers the nail well and hence takes less time to paint the nails.

The color is beautiful too and I loved the red glitter in the red nail paint since most o the nail paints have golden or silver particles.

But the formula did not impress me at all! It was goopy and very difficult to apply. The second coat was especially a nightmare.

I did not even bother to apply a top coat or else it would have become even more clumped. But I loked the color and will try to use it with a sponge for les thick application!

Rating: 3/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: Maybe

I will try the blue and amethyst shades in Crystal nail polish line for their vibrant color and to see if the formula is different in those nail paints! This was my first time trying out a Missha nail paint so I do not want to give a harsh judgment based on one nail paint.

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