Review: Nature Republic Phyto Massage Cream – Olive

I love using Massage creams on my face. It helps me nourish my dry skin and unless I am not paying attention to my skin, I usually massage my face every 15 days for 5-10 minutes with a massage cream or any dense face cream. Shehnaz Hussain Gold Massage cream and gel (combo) are my favorite to use but since they are very expensive and I cannot get them when I am away, I try to find cheap alternatives. Nature Republic Phyto Massage Cream looked promising when I saw it first and I picked it up right away. Here are my thoughts on it:

Photo of Nature Republic massage creams

Nature Republic Massage cream

Product: Nature Republic Phyto Olive Massage Cream (rich in Vitamin E)

Claim: This massage cream provides abundant nutrition and lustre to the skin.

Directions: After washing, gently massage a fair amount over face until cream melts and then tissue off. (Taken from the back of the packaging)

Quantity: 150 ml ( 5.07 fl. oz.)

The first thing I noticed when using this massage cream was the smell. Since the Phyto Massage cream is available in 2 flavours: Olive and Mango, I wanted to get the Mango one but it was out of stock. I thought of trying the Olive cream and then buy the Mango Phyto Massage cream.

The consistency is not very dense as I sometimes expect from Massage cream. It has added fragrance but does not smell good! And it contains parabens, mineral oil and alcohol.

I have no idea why anyone would need alcohol in a Massage cream since it does not need to evaporate after applying. I need it to remain on the skin when I massage my face and then I can wipe it off 🙁

And I will never understand why most drugstore skincare products contain parabens. From my limited experience, I have heard they are not good for the skin. And then mineral oil! I am NOT AGAINST mineral oil  but as much as I remember reading somewhere (and it made sense) that petroleum derivatives in skincare make the products make them stay on the surface of the skin creating the illusion of moisturization. They do not penetrate the skin to deeply moisturize the skin. And isn’t it what we want? It is a matter of individual preference and I happen to not like it in my skincare products.

And the worst part is that it feels slick on the skin, sort of oily, which makes me dislike it eve more

Rating: 2.5/5

Recommend: No

Repurchase: No

Just for trying out a basic massage cream, this can be a good alternative for people not bothered by details. This Phyto Massage cream by Nature Republic is not for me!

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