Review: Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion (Normal Skin)

Product: Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion (Normal Skin)

Claim: Thanks to NIVEA’s pioneering In-Shower Body Moisturiser you will get a smooth skin feel while taking your daily shower.

nivea in shower body moisturizer

Nivea In-shower body lotion for Normal Skin

Quantity: 400ml

Price – 11900 KRW

How To use:

  1. Wash: Take a shower
  2. Apply: Apply the in-shower body moisturizer while still in shower.
  3. Rinse: Rinse off
  4. Ready: Dry your self, and go!

The idea of a moisturizer in the shower is not new for lazy bums like me. I had heard of something like this from Avon or Oriflame a few years go but never got to try it. So when I saw the Nivea In-Shower Body lotion, I grabbed the chance to try it out when I found a 2000 KRW off coupon at the Kim’s Mall.

I sometimes skip moisturizing my body especially on the days I am going to stay home, so I thought I would apply this on my lazy days.

It looked like a body cream when I squeezed it out of the ginormous bottle. The smell of the lotion was quite strong and I did not enjoy it either! But the slipperiness was evident the moment I started applying it. It did not even rinse off. The waxiness stayed on!

I then dried my body with my towel and even then my skin felt weirdly sticky and slick (not in a good way). I can only imagine how much of that went into my towel 🙁

Then I moved my nail over my skin (not that I always do it) and a waxy white thing came off. Yuck!

But after 10-15 minutes when my skin was completely dry, it felt moisturized and the extra stickiness sort off went away.

I did not feel anything different for the rest of the day except that I had this thought of wearing wax over my body 🙁 I had to take a shower that night to get it off and let my mind be in peace!

This could have been the best thing that ever happened to me skincare-wise. But it was not well-implemented in my opinion.

I like to feel clean (not squeaky clean and dry) after taking a shower but the stickiness and waxiness is just not my cup of tea.


  • The idea of not having to wait after shower and moisturize the whole body.


  • The stickiness that lingers for the first few minutes after shower.
  • The idea of building a wax layer on my towel and bathrobe.
  • Oversized bottle – feels like will never end and is obviously not travel-friendly.
  • The smell!
  • The moisture content of the lotion at the end of the day is pretty average!
  • Scrubbing the bathroom floor after it became slippery (on third day of use)

I am scared to imagine how slick the in-shower body lotion for dry skin will feel like!

Rating: 2/5

Recommend: No

Repurchase: NO!!!

I would like to see how Nivea do with this product in the future. Their other body products are better (even though actually average amongst drugstore products) than this skin-care innovation. Unless they change the formula I will not even look at this thing again. I am not going to waste the product I have and will try to use it up but it is one of the worst products I have tried in a long time!

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