Review: Oriflame Essentials Soothing Face Cream

Product: Oriflame Essentials Soothing Face Cream

Claim: Comforting cream for dry and sensitive skin. Calming bur-marigold extract nourishes and calms skin providing a soothing effect. Vitamin E protects skin from the environment and makes it wonderfully soft. Apply day and night onto cleansed face and neck.

Quantity: 75 ml

oriflame face cream

Essentials Soothing Face Cream

I bought this face cream last summer just because it seemed like a gentle face cream which I could use in summer when my skin is not very dry (like in winter) but not normal enough to work well with sunscreen alone.

I started using this right away and some of the things I noticed were that it seemed to clog my pores a little (in summer) and I got tiny bumps on my T zone (which is less dry than the rest of the face). I tried a different technique to apply my face cream for a few days rather than dotting this all over my face. The new technique was to warm up the cream in between the palms of my hands (by rubbing) and then apply the cream first to my cheeks and the other dry parts of my face and then dab a bit on my T zone. The bumps on my skin, which were not pimples but just a bit oily little peaks, reduced in appearance but I still wasn’t satisfied.

After 3 weeks, I kept this for winter since I thought it would work for my dry skin. I used it and it is so sad to say that this was not moisturizing enough for me in winter.

I think this might work for people with normal skin in winter but it did not work at all for me. The texture is not greasy  or heavy and it blends into the skin well but it just did not suit my skin type!

Rating: 2.75/5

Recommend: No

Repurchase: No 

I would have loved to have normal skin! It would have bee so easy to pick out skin care products. Even though my skin is not super sensitive, it has a mind of its own and just does not comply with this face cream. If you want to try it, just notice how well it moisturizes your face, and see if tiny bumps appear on your face too (which are not itchy and go away easily but are not good to have!).

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