Review: Oriflame Feminelle Gentle Intimate Wash

Product: Oriflame Feminelle Gentle Intimate Wash

Claim: Extra mild cleanser, with natural lactic acid, helps maintain the pH-balance in the intimate area.

* Soap-free formula with hypoallergenic fragrance.

* pH-balanced and gynaecologist tested.

Quantity: 300 ml

feminelle intimate wash review

Oriflame Feminelle Gentle Intimate Wash

Oriflame Feminelle Intimate washes are the only intimate washes I have ever tried and used. And most of my friends also swear by them. Out of the three Feminelle Intimate washes, I have most repurchased the Gentle Intimate wash.

I have also tried the Feminelle Refreshing Intimate wash and the Feminelle Soothing Intimate wash in addition to the Feminelle cleansing wipes (which I swear are a lifesaver!).

These are hypoallergenic, mild and yet cleanse the sensitive area well. I did not believe a separate product was needed until I tried these for the first time on the recommendation of a family friend. This was also the first thing I ever ordered with my friend who was an Oriflame consultant.

It is very difficult to find an Intimate wash in India. I have never seen them displayed in the drugstores where I frequent. And most of the girls I know use Oriflame Feminelle products (and love them).

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

I now rotate between these three especially seeing whichever one is on discount since these last a long time (a little goes a long way). I highly recommend the Feminelle Gentle Intimate Wash and cleansing intimate wipes to all women!

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