Review – Oriflame Giordani Gold Eye Pencil in Moss Green

I bought Giordani Gold pencil in green because i wanted to change up things a little since I had been using black only for a long time. In the glossy catalogue, it looked like a beautiful shimmery jungle green. read on to know if it worked for me!

oriflame girodani gold eyeliner

Oriflame Giordani Gold Eye Pencil – Moss Green


Product: Oriflame Giordani Gold Eye Pencil (Moss Green)

Claim: Classic shades with a great colour payoff and a refined formula. Use to define eyes, or with the smudger for a softer look.

Quantity: 1 g

Available shades: Midnight Blue, Moss Green, Onyx Grey, Black, Brown

I have always been in search for good liners since I really like eye makeup. And I was more into black liners until recently so I thought of trying something colorful. It is difficult to find colorful liquid liners in India so I got the pencil liner from Oriflame. Giordani Gold makeup is supposed to be good quality, it is also a bit more expensive than Oriflame Beauty products (sort of high end brand by Oriflame) so I had high expectations.

The pencil looks nice in the packaging. It is pencil type liner that needs to be sharpened with a sharpener, I usually prefer retractable liners! It comes with a spongy smudge tip on the other end which I expected to help in creating smokey eye.

First things first, the color payoff was bad. It did not come out intense, in fact it did not even look green when applied. It looked like an ashy brown for the most part and when it caught light, it looked a dark jungle green. I was disappointed! I did not really like the smudge tip as well.

Rating: 2.5/5

Recommend: No

Repurchase: No

If this color had worked for me, I could have bought the blue shade later on but it just did not work for me. For the color and payoff, it is definitely on the pricier side! I do not think it will look green even on the lightest skin tones because the color payoff itself is not great and the color itself is not intense! I think the Oriflame Beauty retractable liners might be way better and they come in same shades as well!

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