Review: Oriflame Optimals White Body Lotion

This is slowly turning into an Oriflame review month! Today I am reviewing the Oriflame Optimals White Body Lotion!

Product: Oriflame Optimals White Body Lotion (Liquorice extract + Whitening complex)

Claim: Optimals White body lotion immediately and continuously moisturizes the skin and lightens skin tone, with UV protection. Fast absorbing, non greasy texture. To be used after a bath or shower.

Quantity: 200 ml (6.6 fl. oz.)

oriflame body lotion review

Optimals White Body lotion

I have bought this body lotion a few times for my family and me. I initially liked how moisturizing it was and loved the feel of it. As with the claim, I do agree that it is non-greasy but I do not think it is whitening. I did not buy this for whitening anyway so I do not mind that.

The other thing that I liked was the quantity! It is a huge squeeze tube that you can use for months! Also, it is suitable for all skin types!

My problem as always lies with the ingredients. It contains Parabens, fragrance and linalool. Parabens are not good for the skin and fragrance is there only to make people feel good about using a product, it is absolutely unnecessary for everyday products (depends on personal preferences).

It does contain Limonene which helps the skin to absorb this lotion well and this leads to a moisturized skin from the inside out and not just the surface.

I really hope Oriflame release a few paraben-free skin care lines since all of their products that I have used (except for the Swedish Spa Wonder oil, I think) contain parabens!

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Maybe

I would repurchase this just as an everyday drugstore body lotion however, I would always prefer a paraben-free lotion over this. I recommend this to people who like moisturizing body products and do not mind parabens in their skin care products (PS – Most drugstore brands use parabens in their products)

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