Review: Oriflame Pro-Youth Hand Cream

Product: Oriflame Pro-Youth Hand Cream

Claim: Effective Hand Cream with Triple Action Complex. Defends against UV damage, softens, evens out skin tone, with 24H moisturisation. With soothing beeswax and nourishing sweet almond oil. Keeps hands looking younger despite time and weather.

Quantity: 50 ml

oriflame hand cream

Oriflame Pro-Youth Hand Cream

I loved the Oriflame Nourishing Hand Cream so much that I decided to try out all of the Oriflame hand creams available. This was the one I tried directly after finishing up my first Oriflame  Nourishing Hand cream and I have repurchased both of these hand cream multiple times now.

The Pro-Youth hand cream is supposed to make our hand looks younger and the skin on the hands more vibrant and softer. To be honest (since I am in my 20s) I did not buy it for the anti-ageing sort of thing that this hand cream claims and neither did I test this on the basis of that. But I judged it on account of how moisturizing it felt to my hands.

It is moisturizing to the hand and something in it does make my skin look a wee bit tighter/firmer but my hands look the same. I used this consistently for 4 weeks before switching it up with the other hand creams I had to test this properly and seriously, despite the fact that it moisturized my hands, the skin on my hands looked the same!

If your skin is wrinkly or the skin is not as smooth and the hands are dry, you might be able to test this and see the results better but in my opinion, it is not as different from other hand creams.

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes 

This hand cream is a little more expensive than the Nourishing Hand cream and I believe that hand cream works better than this one (and of course it comes cheaper)! I would still rotate between the two since I get bored on using the same product for a long time.

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